Rivals: Powering Digital Experience with Advanced User Privacy and Cookies, As Part of Yahoo Brand Family

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Rivals: An Integral part of the Yahoo brand family

Renowned for being a part of the illustrious Yahoo brand family, Rivals has etched its presence in the digital sphere with its intriguing platforms and applications including the renowned brands like Yahoo and AOL. Remarkable for its digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising, this consortium of digitally robust platforms is devised to assist, entertain and engage.

Utilization of Cookies

With the mindful necessity for premium browsing experience, Rivals ensures to put its users at forefront, with the usage of Cookies as its principal tool in offering a seamless browsing show. These cookies, along with similar technologies like web storage, enable website and application operators to store and access information from your device. These assist not only in providing access to applications and sites; but also plays an instrumental role in user-authentication, implementing security measures and warding off spam and abuse.

By clicking on “Accept all”, users allow justification of information storage on the device. These stored cookies, alongside other personal information like IP address, browsing and search data, would be utilized for personalized advertisements and content, measuring their effectiveness, understanding audience demographics and improving services.

Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) by IAB Europe

Staying true to a commitment of excellence and transparency, 237 partners of Rivals, form part of the IAB Europe’s Transparency Consent Framework. This framework upholds the principles of data transparency and offers a standardized method enabling the users to make informed decisions about their data. This framework also ensures that all partners abide by the same conditions thereby assuring a safe digital environment for users.

Respecting User Choices and Privacy

If users wish to refrain from allowing Rivals and its partners to use their personal information and cookies, they can do so by simply clicking on “Reject All”. For a tailored experience, users can also manage their privacy settings by clicking on the “Manage Privacy Settings” option.

In order to keep their users informed and in control, Rivals makes it easy to modify privacy and cookie settings at any point by simply clicking on the corresponding links available on their sites and applications. A comprehensive outline of the usage of user data is also available through their Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Incorporating a user-centric approach while maintaining top notch transparency and respect for user privacy, Rivals, under the vast umbrella of Yahoo brand family, has set a benchmark in the digital world. Their state-of-the-art websites and applications, combined with an in-depth audience understanding, offer an unrivaled digital experience.

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the digital sphere and improving user interaction, Rivals continues to set game-changing industry standards. Here’s to a future where digital advancements and user satisfaction stand as the forefront of every initiative.

Rivals: Powering Digital Experience with Advanced User Privacy and Cookies, As Part of Yahoo Brand Family

Author: HERE Irmo

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