Weather Update: Late-Night Storms Give Way to Sunny and Pleasant Start on Monday

Stormy night turning sunny.

PM Update: Storms ending late evening for a Glorious Start to Monday

A gripping change of weather awaited the town as the heat and humidity were expelled by a promising cold front this Sunday. As the workweek commenced, the area felt a refreshing respite from the daunting heat that saw temperatures soaring to a feel-like round 105 degrees in numerous locations during the day.

Severe Storms Shift Southeast of Region

The hard-hitting storms that speckled the region have essentially moved southeast by the evening. As the cold front proceeded over the next couple of hours, the possibility of supplementary storms remained. However, they were projected to be less rigorous compared to those seen earlier in the day.

Night Forecast

A stray shower or storm was projected around the Interstate 95, specifically southeast into the sunset hours. The temperature was expected to bottom out in the upper 50s to mid-60s overnight. As the sky cleared, wind gusts from the west and northwest up to 20 mph were likely in the wake of the passing front.

The Upcoming Monday: A Stellar Start

Monday marked an exceptional kickoff to the workweek and the most blazing month of the year. It was anticipated to be a day of a sunlit heavens, invigorating breezes from the north gusting near 20 mph occasionally, and agreeable air. The dew points were in the 50s accompanied by temperatures in the pleasant upper 70s to low 80s range.

Monday Evening and Beyond

The agreeableness was expected to carry forward into the ensuing night, with temperatures fluctuating between the upper 50s to mid-60s under predominantly clear skies. The northern breezes were also predicted to serenely calm down.

Current Weather Updates

In conclusion, while the tempests concluded late evening, it was a gaze towards a considerably nicer Monday. Weather in the region seems to be showing signs of pleasant transitions after a particularly hot day. Predictions for the first half of the week also show promises of pleasant weather, as clear skies and lower temperatures are anticipated to prevail over the area. Meanwhile, hurricanes continue to hold course and are being closely monitored by weather services to ensure the safety and preparedness of potentially affected areas.

Heat Tracker 2024

So far, the current year has seen 16 days of 90-degree weather, with the average year-to-date standing at 10 days. The yearly average is 40, with the most record-high 90-degree days being 67, previously seen in 1980 and 2010. The record lowest number of 90-degree days was 7, noted in the years 1886 and 1905. The previous year recorded 38 such sweltering days.


With the storms moving southeast and the clear skies expected later in the evening and beyond, residents are urged to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts to plan their activities accordingly. As the workweek starts on a pleasant note, we are reminded once again of the unpredictability of the weather and the importance of remaining informed and prepared.

Weather Update: Late-Night Storms Give Way to Sunny and Pleasant Start on Monday

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