Canine Competition Crowns World’s Ugliest Dog in California

Ugly dog contest winner.

The World’s ‘Ugliest’ Dog has been Crowned

It was an unusual sight at this year’s canine competition in Petaluma, California, where beauty was not the focus. Instead, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest took center stage. This friendly, long-tongued frizz-ball named Wild Thang outshone the ‘ruff’ competition to bag the coveted title of the “World’s Ugliest Dog.”

A Crown for the eighth time

Wild Thang, a Pekingese, has been in the contest for five times prior, always charming the crowd but never winning the prize. This time, however, the eight-year-old finally secured his place at the top. His victory was not just a win for him, but also an encouragement for the multitude of rescued dogs seeking their forever homes.

More than just appearances

In a show of resilience, Wild Thang triumphed despite the many health challenges he faced as a pup. A virus in his early years almost took his life, leaving him with no teeth and a constantly paddling right front leg. Nonetheless, these same quirks that could have been a disadvantage turned into defining features that endeared him to many.

It’s all about love

Wild Thang’s story is more than just about his unique physical features. It is, first and foremost, a love story. His odd disposition and unusual appearance did not deter his owner from showering him with unwavering love and affection. As the owner would share, Wild Thang loves to sleep on ice packs and shows a gentle demeanor when being held and cuddled by humans.

Runners Up and Their Stories

This year’s show had some stand-out performers who also left a glaring impact despite not winning the grand prize. Among them were a 14-year-old one-eyed pug named Rome and a partially blind hairy pup named Daisy Mae who won in their own right by spreading love and great joy.

Not just a funny contest

Although this may seem like a fun deviation from the usual beauty standards of dog shows, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest carries a deeper message. The organizers believe that by showcasing these lovable canines, they can demonstrate that all dogs, regardless of how they look, deserve a loving home. Each participant in this contest has been rescued and is a testament to the unyielding spirits of these beautiful souls.

The Contributions of Our Furry Heroes

Win or lose, each contestant is a hero in their own right, making big contributions to their communities. Wild Thang has used his fame to raise funds to rescue several of his fellow Pekingese from Ukraine. Rome, who grabbed second place, brings joy and comfort to hospice patients, while Daisy Mae, despite her impairments, gained in her confidence and now has numerous friends. Similarly, Ozzie, another contestant, frequently visits senior centers and cares for foster kittens.

Final words

After celebrating their victory, these four-legged contenders continue with their unique charm. They may not fit the typical idea of ‘cuteness,’ but their spirit and determination make them truly beautiful. A dog’s worth is not in its looks, but in its ability to love and be loved in return.

Canine Competition Crowns World's Ugliest Dog in California

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