Southeast Crab Feast Arrives at Saluda Shoals Park on July 13th

Crab feast celebration setting.

Southeast Crab Feast Arrives at Saluda Shoals Park on July 13th

As the warmer weather seeks the joy of the outdoors, Saluda Shoals Park in Lexington County, South Carolina, is all set to serve up an enticing treat for seafood lovers. The Southeast Crab Feast is hitting the park on Saturday, July 13th, promising a shell-cracking good time for locals and tourists alike.

Unlimited Seafood and More

A major highlight of the event is the unlimited supply of Blue Crabs, which visitors can enjoy along with savory sides of fish and chips. But this festival is not just about indulging your taste buds; it’s about enjoying a day filled with activities and live music.

Operated by Southeast Crab Feast Inc.,, a non-profit subsidiary of Southeast Events LLC, proceeds from this event are dedicated to supporting various cancer research and treatment organizations, including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and other non-profit entities.

A Festival Territory

The feast began in 2010 as a modest gathering of family and friends relishing the old coastal tradition of the Low Country – feasting on fresh seafood. Over the years, the demand garnishing the essence of this tradition has grown exponentially leading the Southeast Crab Feast becoming a multi-city event.

Presently, Southeast Events LLC hosts this delectable festival in over 20 cities, including Charlotte, Roanoke, Raleigh, Columbia, Savannah, Knoxville, and Atlanta.

Support Local, Stay Fresh!

Thriving on the concept of ‘local community support’, the organization connects with local watermen along the coastlines of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, who make sure these events bask in the glory of fresh flavors. The freshly harvested blue crabs and other seafood from these coastal locales lend an unprecedented authenticity to the feast.

Providing visitors with value for their time and money, the Southeast Crab Feast has been recommended three times in the last four years on the Restaurant Guru website.

Feast Notes

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to join the feast at Saluda Shoals Park. While the feast offers seasoned seafood, guests are welcome to bring their personal condiments, dipping sauces, and special seasoning. Kindly pack your crab mallet too!

However, the Southeast Crab Feast keeps strict restrictions on carrying large coolers, beverages, or big bags into the event. You can purchase soda and bottled water at the venue. And of course, don’t forget the main attraction of the day – the ‘all you can eat’ blue crabs.

Come one, come all, as the feast is guaranteed to offer a fun-filled day for your whole family – with the luscious taste of shellfish at Saluda Shoals Park this Saturday. From crab addicts to first-time explorers, this festival has something for everyone. Enjoy the Southeast Crab Feast and contribute to a noble cause.

Southeast Crab Feast Arrives at Saluda Shoals Park on July 13th

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