South Carolina Tops 2024 List as Best State for Military Retirees, According to Recent Study

Veterans in South Carolina

South Carolina Named Best State for Military Retirees in 2024, Study Reveals

Remarkable accolade earned for Palmetto State’s veteran-friendly policies and resources

COLUMBIA, S.C. – As per a recent study conducted by WalletHub, South Carolina tops the charts for being the most retirement-friendly state for veterans in 2024. This prestigious ranking was derived from a meticulous comparison of all 50 U.S states and the District of Columbia, spanning various veteran-related indicators of retirement suitability.

28 Indicators Affirm South Carolina’s Top Position

The strategic evaluation encompassed a total of 28 indicators of retirement-friendliness for veterans, encapsulating diverse aspects such as housing affordability, the percentage of veteran-owned businesses, the quality of VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals, and the number of homeless veterans.

The study confirmed, “South Carolina is the best state for military retirees, in part because it has many policies in place to help veterans.”

Credits to South Carolina’s Performance

The research gives accolades for South Carolina’s exceptional performance in several areas. The state owns the fourth-best VA hospitals in the nation, holds the third-highest number of hospitals per capita, and boasts the seventh-most veterans per capita. Particularly noteworthy is South Carolina’s entrepreneurial spirit, as it displays the fourth-highest figure of veteran-owned businesses per capita.

South Carolina’s thriving job market also gained recognition, acclaimed as the state with the sixth-best job growth rate in the country.

Top and Bottom Rankers

Following South Carolina in the top five are Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and North Dakota. On the other end of the spectrum, the states lower down include Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont, District of Columbia, and Nevada failed to secure favorable rankings.

Promoting Informed Decisions

The complete findings of the study are available for public access, providing valuable insights for veterans planning their retirement move. Such evidence-based resources aid in promoting informed decisions and ensuring hoped-for outcomes. Your feedback is crucial for continual improvements; kindly provide it here.

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South Carolina Tops 2024 List as Best State for Military Retirees, According to Recent Study

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