South Carolina Secures Fifth Spot in Nationwide Rankings for New Business Application Growth Over the Decade

South Carolina business growth.

SC Ranks Fifth in Soaring New Business Applications

In a recent analysis of new business applications, South Carolina secured a fifth-place ranking with an impressive 132.5% increase over the decade. The study, conducted by business formation experts CreditDonkey, compared applications from 2014 and 2024 and found a significant increase in South Carolina’s market.

Trends Across the States

The research covered each state’s statistics in March 2014 and compared them against their respective March 2024 numbers. South Carolina’s robust financial climate saw a dramatic increase from 2,999 to 6,972 applications in just ten years, with the most significant growth in miscellaneous private and specialized services.

This impressive increment speaks volumes about South Carolina’s flourishing business environment while also reflecting the larger nationwide trend. The total number of business applications in the U.S experienced a 90.9% spike over the last decade. In comparison, South Carolina’s growth exceeded this national average by a significant margin.

Leaders in New Business Application Growth

According to the study, the state with the astronomical rise in new business registrations is Wyoming. A jaw-dropping 616.2% increase was noted from 2014 to 2024, with the real estate sector experiencing peak interest among entrepreneurs.

Delaware came in second with the number of businesses more than doubling, showing a 233.4% growth. The professional, scientific, and technological spaces took the lion’s share in new businesses. Montana and New Mexico followed suit, with respectively a 159.9% and 150.9% boost in new business applications. Both these states saw growth predominantly in the construction and tech sectors.

Top Ten States in Business Growth

Other states making it to the top ten list are North Carolina (125.2%), Mississippi (118.2%), Texas (114.8%), Alabama (114.4%), and Arizona (112.7%). These states demonstrate the nationwide trend towards business formation and show the diverse areas of interest across varying demographics.

States with Lowest Growth

The study found that every state saw an increase in business applications between March 2014 and 2024. However, some states experienced relatively smaller increments. North Dakota saw the least growth at 14%, while New York had the second-smallest at 43.8%. Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maryland reported modest increases as well.


The rapid growth in business applications over the past decade, particularly in South Carolina, is a testament to the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit across the nation. Despite disparities across states, the overall trend points to a positive business outlook with a strong potential for future growth.

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South Carolina Secures Fifth Spot in Nationwide Rankings for New Business Application Growth Over the Decade

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