South Carolina Becomes Fifth State to Implement Earned Wage Access Law: DailyPay Applauds Move Promoting Financial Wellness

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DailyPay Comments on Key Milestone: South Carolina Implements Earned Wage Access (EWA) Law

South Carolina celebrated a significant financial breakthrough as Governor Henry McMaster approved the implementation of the Earned Wage Access (EWA) Law. Detailed in Senate Bill 700, this legislation now licenses the operation of EWA products, establishing a regulatory framework designed to safeguard consumers while fostering innovation. South Carolina becomes the fifth State to categorize EWA as a standalone financial service, following a similar enactment by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly in April 2024.

DailyPay Rejoices Over New Financial Landscape

DailyPay, a leading provider of EWA services, hailed this legislative milestone. Ryan Naples, the company’s Director of Public Policy, stated, “it’s heartening to witness the overwhelming bipartisan support as South Carolina becomes the fifth state to codify Earned Wage Access. A triumph for both employers and employees within South Carolina, they can now benefit from the utilization of earned wage access solutions – a financially responsible product.”

The company applauded Governor Henry McMaster for sanctioning this popular bipartisan bill, unanimously backed by Democrats in the state legislature. They highlighted the financial wellness this legislation ensures, as EWA provides a valuable and safe financial wellness tool.

Striving for Enhanced Financial Lives of Workers

DailyPay, a frontrunner in on-demand pay solutions, reiterated its commitment to innovation that improves the financial lives of workers. The fruition of Senate Bill 0700 has further bolstered its resolve to support South Carolina’s employers and employees in their financial pursuits. EWA offers employees increased financial flexibility, presenting a secure and critical alternative to payday loans and other high-cost financial strategies and products.

DailyPay: Transforming How People Get Paid

New York City-based DailyPay, Inc. aims at revolutionizing the payment system for employees, using its award-winning technology platform to help America’s top employers build stronger relationships with their employees. This voluntary employee benefit is designed to motivate workers to perform better and stay longer on the job while bolstering their financial well-being outside of the workplace.

Recognizing Financial Wellness as a Non-Partisan Issue

This legislative milestone underscores the importance and benefits of EWA as a financial wellness tool. With bipartisan recognition of EWA, the legislation’s enactment signals a growing acceptance of such financial facilities. It positions EWA as a unique and crucial financial product created to serve both the employers and employees better. Maintaining financial wellness transcends political divides, and this new law is an acknowledgment of the role that innovative financial tools like EWA can play in promoting financial wellbeing, stability, and prosperity.

South Carolina Becomes Fifth State to Implement Earned Wage Access Law: DailyPay Applauds Move Promoting Financial Wellness

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