South Carolina’s Sugar Bakeshop Takes Top Honors for Tastiest Cookie in the State

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South Carolina Bakery Crowned for the ‘Tastiest Cookie’ In The State

Charleston – Nothing satiates a sweet tooth quite like a warm, freshly-baked cookie straight off the oven and South Carolina doesn’t fall short of bakeries that go great lengths to offer the best nibble. However, reaching a verdict on the finest cookie can be a tricky affair. That’s when LoveFood stepped in. With an extensive treasure trove of reviews, awards, and accolades, along with first-hand experiences, LoveFood undertook the mission to discover the “tastiest cookie” served in each American state.

Topping the list in South Carolina is the ginger molasses cookie from Sugar Bakeshop, according to the site’s dedicated search. The bakery, located at 59 1/2 Cannon Street in Charleston, has seemingly crafted the sweet treat that is the talk of the town, with regular customers consistently returning for more-bites of the delectable dessert.

Sugar Bakeshop’s Ginger Molasses Cookie: The Best Cookie in South Carolina

Committed to baking in small batches, Sugar Bakeshop channels its focus toward using fresh, local ingredients to produce an alluring assortment of standard items, accompanied by a rotational menu of seasonal delights. Their ginger molasses cookie, in particular, appears to steal the limelight. A chunk of customers are all praises for the bakery’s star product, endorsing it as the best cookie they have ever tasted, particularly due to its buttery and spicy ginger molasses center.

As LoveFood vouched for South Carolina’s tastiest cookie, it mentioned: “A small-batch bakery, Sugar Bakeshop uses fresh, local ingredients to make a tempting selection of regular items, plus a rotating menu of seasonal treats. Its gingerbread molasses cookie is the star of the show here; some people say it’s the best cookie they’ve ever had, with a buttery, spicy ginger molasses center.”

More Than Just Cookies

While the ginger molasses cookie is a definite must-try, Sugar Bakeshop has more to its menu than just this crowd-favorite. The bakery prides itself on making a myriad of other sweet treats and pastries, all deserving of a taste. So, if your palate seeks variety, be sure to check out their other offerings.

Curious cookie lovers can explore more of the country’s tastiest cookies as listed by LoveFood, with the complete guide available on their online platform at

South Carolina’s delectable gastronomic selection doesn’t end with cookies. Check out previous content discussing the “best pie in the state” to add to your dessert bucket list.

South Carolina's Sugar Bakeshop Takes Top Honors for Tastiest Cookie in the State

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