Man Discovers Skeletal Remains in Anderson County, Deposits Them at Local Goodwill Store

Skeletal remains at Goodwill.

Man Uncovers Skeletal Remains in Anderson County, Leaves Them at Goodwill

Discovery of Skeletal Remains

In a bizarre turn of events, an Anderson man hiking late Saturday night discovered numerous bones in a wooded area close to the Graylyn subdivision off Concord Road near Highway 28. He collected and dropped these findings at a local Goodwill Thrift Store.
The City of Anderson Police Department disclosed that the individual had left a cardboard box housing seven bones at the Goodwill Thrift Store drop box located at 3109 N. Main St.

Bones Found at Goodwill

On Sunday morning, the Anderson County Coroner’s Office, in coordination with the City of Anderson Police Department, initiated an investigation into the bizarre delivery. Security cameras placed outside the Goodwill store furnished footage of the box’s arrival, offering insights into the incident. During their investigation, officers encountered a woman who provided additional details about the findings.

Identification of the Person Who Dropped the Bones

Officer Hunter Garrett from the Anderson Police Department got in touch with the man who stumbled upon the bones. Upon inspection, Officer Garrett confirmed that the bones varied in size and shape, with several resembling human bones. Following this discovery, Deputy Coroner Ty Blackwell was notified about the situation, who subsequently sent pictures of the bones to a pathologist. The analysis ruled out two of the bones as human, identifying them as animal remains.

Detailed Investigation of the Skeletal Remains

Further investigation led to the discovery of more bones and items in the surrounding area. The Anderson County Coroner’s Office stated that the skeletal remains appeared to have been present in the area for an extended period and were scattered across a broad area. The identity of the person to whom the remains belong is yet unknown and will necessitate an in-depth investigation, potentially including DNA testing and the involvement of an anthropologist.

An Ongoing Enigma

While rural areas in the Upstate are known for lost or forgotten family graveyards, the Anderson County Coroner’s Office commented that the discovered remains do not seem to originate from an old gravesite. Officials are currently verifying this claim with the Department of Health and Environmental Control. The Anderson County Office of the Coroner and the Anderson Police Department have invited the public to share any information related to the case.

Advanced Assistance Required in the Investigation

The Anderson County Coroner’s Office remarked, “We are contacting the FBI and SLED to assist with the DNA work, as we do not have the advanced capabilities to test for DNA, but we are not calling them in to assist with the investigation process.” It is estimated that the skeletal remains may be those of a person who disappeared several years ago. The public has been asked to steer clear of the area until the investigation is concluded.

Man Discovers Skeletal Remains in Anderson County, Deposits Them at Local Goodwill Store

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