Sizzling summer: Columbia Misting Stations Open As Temps Hit 110

Water mist cooling off.

Sizzling summer: Columbia Misting Stations Open As Temps Hit 110

Scorching Heat Index Prompts Action

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Midlands will continue to experience a high heat index, with temperatures expected to reach a jaw-dropping 110 on the afternoon of June 30 and July 4. These weather warn days are drawing substantial attention from city officials and residents alike.

Misting Stations: Providing Relief in the Heat

To combat the blistering heat and ensure public safety, the City of Columbia is launching misting stations in several of its parks. These stations are designed to offer visitors a refreshing cool-down during the peak summer months, thereby mitigating the risk of heat-related illnesses.

The misting stations will operate from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to meet the needs of the public during the hottest parts of the day.

Where Can You Find Misting Stations?

Misting stations are located at the following addresses:

  • Owens Field Park, 1401 Jim Hamilton Blvd
  • Martin Luther King Park, 2300 Greene St.
  • Granby Park, 100 Catawba Circle
  • Southeast Park, 951 Hazelwood Rd.
  • Rosewood Park, 901 S. Holly St.
  • Riverfront South- 312 Laurel St.

Staying Safe in the Heat

Aside from these cooling stations, residents are urged to stay hydrated, avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours, and wear light-colored clothing to reflect the sun’s rays. Elderly people, children, and those with chronic health conditions are also encouraged to stay indoors during high heat index weather warn days to avoid heat-related health risks.

The Importance of Heat Safety

Each summer, numerous heat-related incidents are reported throughout the nation. High temperatures can lead to severe health problems like heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration, especially among vulnerable populations. However, with appropriate precautions, such as staying hydrated, seeking shade, and utilizing facilities like misting stations, these risks can be significantly reduced.

Let’s Beat the Heat Together in Columbia

Despite the scorching high heat index, the city of Columbia is working to ensure that those who wish to engage in outdoor activities can do so safely. From the opening of misting stations to spreading awareness about heat-related health risks and prevention methods, the city is standing firm against the summer heat. While summer 2024 may be sizzling, Columbia has shown it is ready to handle the season with the best interests of its residents in mind.

Sizzling summer: Columbia Misting Stations Open As Temps Hit 110

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