South Carolina Research Authority Invests $250,000 in PulManage

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South Carolina Research Authority Invests $250,000 in PulManage’

COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina Research Authority’s (SCRA) investment arm, SC Launch Inc., has invested $250,000 in PulManage, a Columbia-based life science company. PulManage specializes in providing testing and remote monitoring for patients afflicted with lung diseases.

PulManage joined the SCRA as a member company in 2019, having since matured through the SC Launch Program. The company previously received two grants of $25,000 each, a $50,000 Acceleration Grant, as well as a $50,000 COVID-19 Response Grant from the program. With SCRA’s latest investment, PulManage now joins the portfolio of SC Launch Inc.

PulManage’s Innovative Platform

The PulManage platform aims to improve the diagnosis and care management of chronic lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, and asthma. By facilitating remote connections between patients and healthcare providers, PulManage enhances the effectiveness of healthcare for patients with lung diseases.

The platform comprises of patient-focused mobile apps which give real-time feedback via an online dashboard to researchers and healthcare professionals. According to Matt Bell, executive director of SC Launch Inc., the application not only monitors and records lung function, but it also helps to improve testing methods, prevent misdiagnoses, and ensures that patients receive timely and appropriate care.

A Long-Standing Partnership with SCRA

Amanda Clark, CEO and founder of PulManage, credits SCRA and SC Launch Inc. for supporting the firm’s growth. “From the beginning, SCRA’s SC Launch Program team has believed in our mission and supported our growth. We would not be where we are today without their support, positioning us to revolutionize care for chronic lung diseases. We value our long-standing partnership with SCRA and SC Launch Inc.,” she remarked.

PulManage was recently invited by Amazon Web Services Life Sciences to feature their product at its Annual Summit, an event attended by national and international stakeholders in the digital health, artificial intelligence, and drug discovery sectors. The company will also participate in the International BIO Convention as part of the South Carolina delegation, where they plan to meet prospective partners and promote their platform.

SCRA President and CEO Bob Quinn expressed his satisfaction regarding PulManage’s progress and potential. He commented, “We work every day to move innovation forward, and when the innovation is life-sustaining and lifesaving, we are more honored to support our state’s innovators. We are proud of PulManage’s growth and promising future to help even more patients.”

South Carolina Research Authority Invests $250,000 in PulManage

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