SCDOT Invites Public Input for Statewide Improvement Program

Community input on infrastructure

SCDOT Invites Public Input for Statewide Improvement Program

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has launched a public consultation phase for the proposed 2024-2025 Pavement Improvement Program as a critical part of its 2021-2027 Statewide Improvement Program. The SCDOT is looking to accrue valuable input from the public from May 16, through June 6, 2024.

More Milestones on the Horizon

Transportation officials have hinted at an ambitious expansion plan, aiming to add over 727 miles of paving projects to the already approved 7,047+ miles of previously completed works. This massive undertaking was made possible by Act 40 of 2017, which saw the inception of the “New Gas Tax Trust Fund”, lending greater transparency and accountability to SCDOT’s operations.

Community Participation Key to Success

In an effort to seed responsibility and facilitate improvement, SCDOT is seeking community involvement in identifying and combating issues such as area potholes. Local residents are encouraged to provide comments, insights, and concerns about the proposed amendments to the 2024-2025 Pavement Improvement Program.

A Call for Involvement

The SCDOT’s public comment phase is an integral part of their long-term plan, and it is hoped that the community’s co-operation will help the department fulfill their commitment to road quality and safety. More details about the program and how residents can contribute are available on the SCDOT’s official website.

SCDOT Invites Public Input for Statewide Improvement Program

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