South Carolina Election Commission Addresses Concerns over Non-U.S. Citizens Voter Registration Allegations

Voting registration verification process.

South Carolina Election Commission Responds to Voting Registration Concerns

In recent weeks, the South Carolina State Election Commission (SEC) has been faced with a barrage of concerns and threats regarding alleged registration of non-U.S. citizens to vote. Amid the rife tension, the commission remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the state’s electoral system. This update comes amidst increasing clamour and threats that non-U.S. citizens are allegedly registering to vote in the State.

Reinforcing Legal Requirements

The SEC responded to these concerns, emphasising that standing state laws require an individual to be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for voter registration in South Carolina. According to the commission, upholding this law is central to ensuring the sanctity and integrity of the voting system. Despite the turmoil stirred by the threats, the SEC is unwavered in its commitment to upholding democracy and the sanctity of every vote.

Verification Procedures

The commission detailed the procedures it is using to ensure that only U.S. citizens are registered to vote. This involves auditing the voter data through the Department of Homeland Security’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program database. Through this procedure, the SEC ensures that individuals who are not U.S. citizens are not included in the registered voters’ list. The auditing process is designed to detect and remove any fraudulent entries from the voter rolls. Anyone found violating these rules will face consequences under state and federal election laws.

Law Enforcement Confirmation

Underscoring the commission’s stance was the release of a report by the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) this week. The report corroborated that non-U.S. citizens are not registering to vote in South Carolina, based on their analysis. Laudation was extended to the Governor’s Office and the law enforcement agencies for taking the matter seriously, thereby upholding the veracity of the state’s election process.

Continual Vigilance and Compliance

In reiterating the commission’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of the election process, the SEC Executive Director expressed gratitude to the Governor’s Office and law enforcement agencies. With continual vigilance and stringent compliance with South Carolina state laws, such efforts are integral in thwarting any fraudulent voter registration.

The SEC stressed its continued commitment to following and enforcing the law, assuring citizens that the integrity and security of the state’s election infrastructure will be maintained.
The commission stands steadfast against the threats and is committed to ensuring that the state’s electoral system remains trustworthy and reliable for all voters.

South Carolina Election Commission Addresses Concerns over Non-U.S. Citizens Voter Registration Allegations

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