Democratic Challenger for South Carolina’s State House District 109 Withdraws from Race

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Lowcountry Democratic Challenger for State House Dist. 109 Withdraws


May 27, 2024 – In an unexpected turn of events, the Democratic challenger vying for the State House District 109 seat has withdrawn her name from the running. The latest development has left incumbent Rep. Tiffany Spann-Wilder as the sole candidate on the ballot.

Jessica Bright Bows Out

Jessica Bright, the Democratic candidate for District 109, submitted her withdrawal last week. The news came as quite a surprise to constituents and political observers since the South Carolina Primaries are slated for June 11. A previously circulated sample ballot showed that Bright and Spann-Wilder were the only two names listed for the State House Representatives District 109.

With Bright’s exit from the race, Spann-Wilder is now in line for re-election for a full term without contest. She won her current seat in a special election back in April to complete the term of Rep. Deon Tedder. Spann-Wilder’s jurisdiction, the District 109 seat, covers parts of Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

Potential Impact on Future Elections

However, Bright’s sudden withdrawal from the race could have implications for future elections in District 109 and beyond. Although her reasons for stepping back have not been made public, such sudden departures can sometimes make voters question the stability and organization within a political party. On the other hand, in some instances, voters may be sympathetic to a candidate’s reasons for withdrawal, leading to increased support for the party in the long run. Only time will reveal the effects of this development on the political landscape of South Carolina.

Looking Forward

For now, all eyes will be on Spann-Wilder as she is expected to continue her representation of District 109. The incumbent has garnered substantial support during her brief tenure, and her expected re-election could provide an opportunity for her to continue forward on the projects and initiatives already begun. The South Carolina Primaries will be held on June 11, as scheduled, with the incumbent Rep. Tiffany Spann-Wilder as the only candidate for State House Representatives District 109.

The political circuit of South Carolina will surely miss the potential battle for the coveted seat of State House Representatives District 109. Nevertheless, the democratic process continues in anticipation of what is yet to come in this unfolding political saga.

Democratic Challenger for South Carolina's State House District 109 Withdraws from Race

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