South Carolina’s Export Sales Surpass National Trend, Reaching Over $37 billion

South Carolina exports triumph

South Carolina’s Export Sales Surpass National Trend, Reaching Over $37 billion

South Carolina has defied the national trend with its export sales in 2023, totaling an impressive $37.3 billion. This represents a stark contrast to the general American landscape, where exports dipped by 2.2%.

Continued Growth Despite Challenges

The South Carolina Department of Commerce and South Carolina Ports, in conjunction with Governor Henry McMaster’s office, revealed this data on Thursday. The information revealed a persistent annual growth rate in export of 4.4% since 2013 for the Palmetto state.

The automotive industry served as the most significant contributor to this growth, with export sales of completed passenger motor vehicles from South Carolina hitting $10.2 billion. This accounts for a substantial 16% of the entire U.S. market share.

Leading the Nation as Top Tire Exporter

Notably, South Carolina maintained its position as the nation’s leading exporter of tires. The state raked in sales over $1.8 billion, capturing a little over 34% of the national market share.

According to the official data, the top five commodities exported from the state in 2023 included:

  • Completed passenger vehicles
  • Aircrafts and parts
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances (specifically turbojets, turbo-propellers, gas turbines, ball and roller bearings, appliances for boilers and pumps)
  • Plastics
  • Rubber (specifically tires)

A Global Trading Powerhouse

Commenting on this trend, Governor McMaster stated, “Other countries continue to find that South Carolina offers the best products and services available anywhere. This is evident by the fact that our state saw an increase in trade, despite a national decline in exports. By sending locally-made goods throughout the world, we can create more jobs and careers for South Carolinians while expanding our economy.”

Germany was identified as the top export market for the state, bringing in $4.7 billion worth of goods. Belgium, with a significant increase of over 21% from 2022, also entered the list of top five global export markets for South Carolina.

South Carolina’s Secretary of Commerce, Harry Lightsey III, underlined the state’s global credentials. “We’re proud to be a leading trading destination and partner for companies and countries throughout the world,” he said.

South Carolina's Export Sales Surpass National Trend, Reaching Over $37 billion

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