South Carolina Senator Ronnie Sabb Receives Crucial Endorsement from Conservation Voters for Upcoming State Senate Primary

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South Carolina Senator Ronnie Sabb Endorsed by Conservation Voters

Conservation Voters Back Senator Ronnie Sabb

Thursday 29th May, Kingstree, SC – Senator Ronnie Sabb received a crucial endorsement today for the upcoming Democratic State Senate primary from Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC). Sabb, who has the district 32 seat, was selected thanks to his dedication and commitment to conservation and his proven track record of putting the needs of his voters first in all decisions that impact the state.

CVSC, a notable political entity, has a history marked by substantial results. Since 2016, the CVSC PAC has invested more than $825,000 in supporting 184 endorsed candidates, boasting an impressive 86 percent success rate. The organization remains assured that its endorsed candidates, Senator Sabb included, will advocate aggressively for policies designed to protect South Carolina’s natural resources of land, water, and air. This approach also includes championing energy independence via a diverse range of energy solutions.

Senator Sabb: A Conservation Champion

Senator Sabb has certainly demonstrated his commitment to the above ideals during his time in the South Carolina Senate. He boasts a lifetime score of 104% as of 2022 on CVSC’s legislative scorecard, a scoring system that rewards legislators who sponsor and author conservation bills. Sabb’s support runs across the board from offshore wind and the expansion of solar energy, to land conservation, and holding companies accountable for pollution.

Beyond the conservation scope, Sabb has also been at the forefront of infrastructure improvements across the state, including the expansion of broadband access. He prioritizes improving the pay and retention rates of teachers. His voting record favoring the environment has played a key role in preserving the spectacular natural resources of South Carolina for generations to come, and state environmental advocates eagerly anticipate his re-election and continued service.

Endorsements for the Upcoming June 11 Elections

Ahead of the South Carolina House and Senate primary elections slated for June 11, CVSC has endorsed a variety of candidates, a diverse group of leaders who are committed to the preservation and resilience of South Carolina’s natural resources. These endorsements form part of CVSC’s broader strategy of fostering environmental-driven champions throughout our state. The agenda is aimed at ensuring environmental conservation is a top priority on South Carolina’s legislative agenda.

CVSC is urging voters to vote early from Tuesday, May 28, to Friday, June 7 to ensure their voices are heard. Early voting centers open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the early voting period.

Conservation Voters of South Carolina is a nonprofit organization located statewide that actively protects our air, land, and water through bipartisan and pragmatic political action. It pushes to ensure conservation and environmental issues are a primary concern among South Carolina’s elected leaders, political candidates, and voters. More details can be found at

South Carolina Senator Ronnie Sabb Receives Crucial Endorsement from Conservation Voters for Upcoming State Senate Primary

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