Richland County Council Accepts $1.24B Operating Budget for 2025

Budget review committee meeting.

Richland County Council Accepts $1.24B Operating Budget for 2025

Richland County Council has reached a unanimous decision to pass an operating budget amounting to $1.24 billion for the fiscal year 2024-25.

The decision was made during the council’s regularly scheduled meeting last week. The budget, which will supervise the council’s delivery of services, programs, and resources, will begin to take effect from Monday, July 1.

Budget Features and Highlights

Council Chair, Jesica Mackey lauded the consistent dedication and teamwork that played a crucial role in ensuring the allocation of funds is in the best favor of Richland County and its residents. The 2025 operating budget has witnessed an increase of 6.3% as compared to the current FY2024 budget.

Among the essentials covered in the budget, funds to cater to the council’s vital partners such as local school districts and other millage agency partners, are included. The total amount allocated to these entities makes up part of the county’s general fund which amounts to $231.63 million of the full operating budget. This represents a 5.7% increase over last year.

Funding and Investments

Some of the core areas in which this budget has been divided are summarized below:

– $6.54 million will be allocated to external agencies. These will include competitive grants funded by the state Accommodations Tax and local hospitality taxes.
– $6.22 million will be used in the completion of capital projects. These include enhancements to the County’s Judicial Center, Administration Building and Health Department facilities.
– $1.81 million will be directed toward Community Impact Grants. These grants financially back organizations and agencies implementing community-based programs and services across the county.
– An 8% increase ($7.7 million) will be injected into law enforcement funding.
– $80,000 has been set aside for leadership training, supervisory training, and employment liability training under the umbrella of Richland County University.
– A total of eight new positions were approved, supported by Special Revenue and Enterprise Funds.

Moreover, the new budget also proposes a 4% sewer rate increase, 10% volumetric water rate increase and 4.75% increments in curbside collection and landfill rates.

Investing in the Future

Richland County’s strategic plan includes six comprehensive goals to enhance its services and the living standards of the county’s residents.

County Administrator Leonardo Brown acknowledged the County’s commitment to fiscal responsibility as one of its primary goals. “The County is committed to fiscal responsibility, which could not be achieved without the dedication and due diligence of Council and staff. These investments will enable the County and our residents to experience continued growth and success,” Brown stated in the announcement.

Richland County Council Accepts $1.24B Operating Budget for 2025

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