RecNation Hits Major Milestone, Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands RV & Boat Storage Facilities into 7th State, South Carolina

"RVs in South Carolina"

“Swinging into South Carolina”: RecNation Marks Milestone – Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands into 7th State in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

RecNation Reaches New Heights: Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands into the 7th State!

May 22, 2024: RecNation RV & Boat Storage Expands into South Carolina

DALLAS– RecNation Storage, the largest owner, operator, and developer of specialized recreation vehicle (RV) and Boat storage facilities in the country, is elated to announce its monumental achievement of completing its 60th acquisition and expanding into its 7th state, South Carolina. This expansion solidifies RecNation’s position as a premier destination for individuals seeking well-managed, high-quality facilities to store their cherished recreational vehicles and boats.

In today’s high inflationary environment, camping and RV travel provide an easy and affordable way for families to enjoy time together. With near half of the workforce operating remotely, we witness a surge in recreational activities such as camping and RV travel. According to a report by KOA Pressroom, approximately 58 million people plan camping and RV trips this year, almost double from last year’s figure.

South Carolina: The New Hub for Camping and RVing

Gary Wojtaszek, Chief Camper of RecNation, expressed excitement about the company’s expansion into South Carolina, one of the biggest camping and RV markets in the country. South Carolina is home to 47 state parks and hundreds of miles of beaches and lakes, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The new position within South Carolina places RecNation in two of the fastest-growing states, South Carolina and Florida- growing by 1.7% and 1.6% respectively.

RecNation’s recent acquisition signals its commitment to providing top-tier facilities for RV and boat owners, offering premium services and peace of mind for RV and boat owners. The RecNation portfolio now holds 60 facilities or 17,000 units spread across 600 acres of space offering RV rentals, industry-leading third-party management services, and licensed RV dealerships.

About RecNation

RecNation, founded to serve the surge in the requirement for specialized RV and boat storage facilities, stands as the nation’s premier recreational storage operator. Since its establishment in 2020, RecNation has grown to 60 locations and expanded into states spanning Texas, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and now South Carolina.

Through strategic partnerships with WOJO Capital Partners, LLC, and Centerbridge Partners, L.P., RecNation accelerates its mission to become a national platform that caters to recreational and marine storage needs.

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RecNation Hits Major Milestone, Completes 60th Acquisition and Expands RV & Boat Storage Facilities into 7th State, South Carolina

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