Philadelphia Cop Shooter Had Previously Fired at Police in 2011, Criminal History Reveals

Philadelphia police history concept.

Man Charged with Shooting Philadelphia Police Officer had Shot at Cops Before, Criminal Record Shows

In the city of Philadelphia, criminal records for Ramon Rodriguez Vazquez, the man charged with shooting a police officer disclose that this is not his first encounter of shooting at the police. The 36-year-old is presently being held at a hefty bail of $12.5 million.

Philadelphia Police Officer Shooting

The incident reportedly took place in the city’s Kensington section when Vazquez allegedly shot and critically wounded a police officer during a traffic stop. The officer is still recuperating in the ICU after being shot in the neck, and his identity remains undisclosed at the request of the family. The urgent focus of investigators is to bring justice for the officer.

District Attorney Larry Krasner, in a stern statement, expressed, “I want everyone to understand that what this family is going through is unspeakable. It is unacceptable, and we cannot have this in this city.”

Criminal Past of Ramon Rodriguez Vazquez

The surprising turn in this case is the revealing of Vazquez’s history. This is not his first offense with shooting law enforcement. His criminal records unveil that he had fired on officers in Puerto Rico in 2011 after an alleged carjacking.

During the incident in Philadelphia, Vazquez was initially stopped by the police for a traffic violation. As it unfolded, he did not possess a license, and the car he was driving was not registered. While police made arrangements to tow the vehicle away, Vazquez dialed a call. Shortly thereafter, three people turned up at the scene and removed personal belongings from the vehicle.

During this process, the officers reportedly noticed a holster. Upon inquiry, Vazquez darted off. Investigators managed to secure a video footage of the sequence of events. The footage reveals Vazquez turning mid-street and, without any provocation, firing three shots towards the officers.

Domino of Disturbing Incidents

The gunfire left one officer injured. In a swift move, the wounded officer’s partner and the tow truck driver transported him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Vazquez allegedly tried to carjack a minivan and entered two homes, with the second homeowner being held hostage.

A SWAT team surrounded the home and successfully arrested Vazquez. He is facing numerous charges, including two counts of attempted murder of law enforcement, burglary, kidnapping, and terroristic threats.

Continued Vigilance

Despite the shocking incident, the Philadelphia Police Department remains committed to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of the citizens.

As investigations continue, those affected by the rundowns related to Vazquez’s chase and shooting ordeal are hopeful of imminent justice.

Philadelphia Cop Shooter Had Previously Fired at Police in 2011, Criminal History Reveals

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