Updates Underway at Columbia’s Owens Field

Construction at sports field.

Updates Underway at Columbia’s Owens Field

Owens Field Park in Rosewood under construction

Work is well underway at Owens Field in Columbia’s Rosewood neighborhood, with a range of enhancements being made to ten acres of soccer fields. This $1.8 million project aims to not only improve the fields for safer playing conditions but also to foster increased use, extending the scope of available outdoor recreational activities.

An Extensive Revamp Offering Multiple Upgrades

Funded by the city, the extensive revamp to Owens Field, located in the Rosewood neighborhood, encompasses substantive soil amendments, grading overhauls, a state-of-the-art irrigation system, and re-sodding with a lush cover of Bermuda grass. Columbia City Council approved the project last year. The works on this project started earlier this year and are expected to reach completion by mid-August this year.

In addition to these immediate works, there are also future plans on the docket for continued upgrades to the park. These include the installation of new restrooms, walking paths, and additional site power to enhance the overall experience for all park visitors.

A Community Effort

Last year, before the project received the green light, City Councilman Will Brennan and representatives from the city’s Parks and Recreation Department held consultations with the local community to garner their input on the proposed enhancements. The shared consensus was that upgrading Owens Field would certainly enhance the outdoor recreation options and conveniences offered to residents.

Sharing this sentiment was the city’s Mayor, Daniel Rickenmann, who emphasized how “These upgrades expand Owens Field’s activities and outdoor opportunities for our residents.” This project aligns with the city’s commitment to expanding outdoor lifestyle conveniences and sports facilities as a way of promoting a healthy, active, and engaged community.

A Boost for Local Soccer Enthusiasts

The 10 acre soccer field revamp is undeniably a great boost for soccer players and enthusiasts in the area. The improvements in soil and grass conditions combined with the installation of modern irrigation systems promise to provide better playing conditions, while the extended playing fields should accommodate increased usage by local teams.

Owens Field Park, once the revamp is completed, will continue to serve as a pivotal recreational hub in the Rosewood neighborhood, catering to residents’ sporting, leisure, and outdoor interests.

News of Progress Welcome

News about the progress of work at Owens Field has come as a welcome relief for the local community. A heartfelt sense of anticipation for the completion of the project is palatable, with everyone eagerly looking forward to taking advantage of the new and upgraded facilities this public outdoor space will have to offer.

Updates and More to Follow

Updates about the progress of work at Owens Field will be provided as and when further developments occur. The community and the general public will be able to stay informed about all the exciting changes headed their way, as the city continues to commit to fostering outdoor recreational opportunities.

Updates Underway at Columbia's Owens Field

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