Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Launches Fundraising Campaign to Fight Recall Amid FBI Investigation

Resilient city fundraising campaign.

Embattled Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Appeals for Donations to Battle Recall

Mayor Thao Remains Defiant

Oakland, – After her residence was recently searched by FBI agents, Mayor Sheng Thao of Oakland broke her silence and made a public address. Proclaiming her innocence, the embattled mayor has emphatically stated that she will not resign from her role. Less than a week post the FBI’s raid of her home for undisclosed reasons, Thao has dismissed her previous legal counsel, called a riveting press conference asserting her innocence, and commenced a fundraising campaign to contest the recall against her.

Funding Campaign Launched

Exclusive of her government’s email handle, Thao directed potential donors towards a website dubbed “Oaklanders Defending Democracy, Oppose the Recall of Mayor Thao” via a mass email. This appeal for donations was dispatched 48 hours following her addressing the public in the aftermath of the FBI agents confiscating boxes from her residence on Maiden Lane.

Although the FBI has not disclosed what they were searching for and Thao herself has not been formally charged or apprehended, FBI agents similarly raided the establishments and residences of Cal Waste Solutions’ owners, David and Andy Duong, on the same day. The Duongs have also insisted that they have not participated in any improprieties or illicit activities.

In her fundraising appeal email, Thao echoed her words shared at the press conference, writing “I want to be crystal clear. I am innocent and have done nothing wrong”. She then included a full transcript of the speech she gave on Monday and appealed for donations stating, “I am a fighter and I will continue to fight every day for our beautiful city. But I need your help.”

Recall Tied to the FBI Raid?

This FBI raid occurred just two days following the submission of the requisite signatures calling for Mayor Thao’s recall. Despite Thao asserting that the timing of the FBI raid and the recall are suspiciously linked, no concrete evidence has been provided to substantiate this claim.

Call For Fresh Leadership

One such call for fresh leadership comes from Cynthia Adams, the NAACP Oakland president. She publicized a statement this week which claimed that the city of Oakland is in the midst of a crisis, with the mayor focusing on self-preservation above all else. Adams declared, “Mayor Thao has spent almost 18 months proving that she was not up to the job, but now she does not appear capable of or interested in even trying to do it,” while urging Mayor Thao to step aside for a new leader.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Launches Fundraising Campaign to Fight Recall Amid FBI Investigation

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