Former NFL Player Daniel Muir’s 14-Year-Old Son Goes Missing as Child Abuse Allegations Swirl Around Family

Family in distress together.

Former NFL Player’s Son Missing Amid Disturbing Allegations

Daniel Muir’s 14-year-old Son Vanishes without a Trace

Former Colt’s Defensive Tackle’s Family Involved in Disturbing Child Abuse Allegations

Indiana law enforcement has been tirelessly searching for Bryson Muir, the 14-year-old son of former Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle, Daniel Muir, for two weeks. Bryson was last seen leaving his grandmother’s home in Ohio in his mother’s car on June 16. Minutes later, his mother’s vehicle was stopped by local police, and Bryson was nowhere to be found.

Police Investigating Allegations of Child Abuse

In a concerning development, the police launched an investigation into allegations of child abuse made against Daniel and Kristin Muir, Bryson’s parents. A picture reportedly showing Bryson with a swollen, blackened eye was handed over to the authorities by his grandmother. Local authorities expressed their growing worry for Bryson, who is described as a 6-foot-2, 185-pound teenager last seen wearing an orange Under Armor shirt and blue jeans.

Parents Show Unwillingness to Cooperate with Police

The local media reported that the Muir couple initially promised to bring Bryson to the state police headquarters to meet with detectives and reassure them of his well-being. Unfortunately, they withdrew their agreement just one hour before the scheduled meeting, displaying an alarming resistance to cooperate with law enforcement. As a result of their actions, both parents have now been identified as persons of interest in their son’s disappearance.

Muir Family’s Connection to Straitway Truth Ministries

The Muir family resides in Logansport, on a property belonging to the Straitway Truth Ministries, a Tennessee-based religious group often labeled a cult. Their website describes the members as “a nation of Hebrew Israelites who are commandment keepers; obedient to Yah and our savior, Jesus the Christ”.

Straitway’s fame increased back in 2020 when ex-Green Bay Packers player Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila joined their ranks after renouncing his Christian faith, as reported by Sports Illustrated. Several other well-known figures from the NFL, including former Colts player Daniel Muir, have allegedly also joined.

Daniel Muir’s career in the NFL began in Indianapolis in 2008. He later signed up with the New York Jets for the 2012-2013 season and subsequently ended his career with the Oakland Raiders after the 2013-2014 season.

Unraveling a Mystery

As the authorities delve deeper into the Muir family’s disturbing predicament, questions continue to pile up. The investigation remains underway, and the search for Bryson is far from over. Be sure to stay updated on developments in this shocking and deeply unsettling case.

Former NFL Player Daniel Muir's 14-Year-Old Son Goes Missing as Child Abuse Allegations Swirl Around Family

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