North Carolina Man Sues South Carolina Theme Park over Paralyzing Roller Coaster Accident, Claims Negligence

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North Carolina man files suit against South Carolina theme park following roller coaster accident

Catastrophic Coaster Catastrophe

A North Carolina man has filed a crippling lawsuit against a prominent South Carolina theme park, citing negligence on the park’s part leading to a horrific accident that left the man paralyzed. In a benumbing incident that occurred at Family Kingdom Amusement Park, located in the historic Myrtle Beach, Gangia Adhikari and his husband Kul Sannyashi claim that a ride on the wooden Swamp Fox Roller Coaster resulted in Sannyashi’s quadriplegia.

According to the lawsuit accessioned on June 20, during the ride, Sannyashi experienced an acute spinal cord injury. This alarming incident took place on July 23, 2021.

Claims of Negligence

The plaintiff’s claim emphatically contests that the Swamp Fox Roller Coaster is “extremely dangerous, more so than a typical roller coaster.” Furthermore, the suit argues that Family Kingdom Amusement Park had failed to “adequately warn customers” about the potential hazards associated with the roller coaster ride.

More grave allegations against the amusement park stipulate its failure to adopt adequate precautions to prevent such a debilitating injury to riders.

Attorney Morgan Martin highlighted the distressed condition of Sannyashi, portraying the grim reality of the incident. The outcome left Sannyashi dependent on 24-hour nursing assistance and struggling through extreme pain, mental anguish, and depression due to his irreversible injuries.

Expenses and Compensation

Sannyashi’s medical ordeal included several high-expenditure surgeries, hospitalization, and intensive care. Filing for loss of companionship, fellowship, aid, assistance, company, and more, Adhikari has brought this lawsuit against the amusement park.

The lawsuit stands as a raising alarm for amusement parks and thrill-ride providers, emphasizing the dire need for rigorous safety protocols and adequate customer education regarding potential risks. The incident also urges legal and health authorities to enforce stricter inspections and compliance mechanisms to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Note: Fox News Digital has reached out to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park for comments.

Consequences and Learnings

While this lawsuit unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder to every thrill-seeker and amusement park owner that the euphoria of rides shouldn’t compromise safety. The incident not only highlights the grave consequences of negligence but also reinforces the critical importance of effective communication of potential risks to customers.

All theme parks and entertainment providers must comprehensively review their safety protocols, training programs, and risk disclosure procedures to prevent such incidents. Customers, equally, must be vigilant and aware of the risks associated with these thrill rides.

The repercussions of this incident are resounding, demanding a renewed focus on safety in the pursuit of fun at amusement parks. As the case moves forward, many await the outcomes with bated breath, hoping for justice and corrigible actions towards improved safety measures.

North Carolina Man Sues South Carolina Theme Park over Paralyzing Roller Coaster Accident, Claims Negligence

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