Missing American Woman’s Phone Discovered Underwater Near Bahamas Yoga Retreat

Phone underwater yoga retreat.

Missing American Woman’s Phone Found Underwater Near Bahamas Yoga Retreat

In a startling turn of events surrounding the mystery of a missing Chicago woman, Taylor Casey, police in the Bahamas reported finding her phone submerged in more than 50 feet of water.

Casey, 41, had last been seen on June 19 at a yoga retreat located on Paradise Island.

Underwater Discovery

Bahamian police officials confirmed the peculiar discovery of Casey’s phone in the course of their investigations. Despite the discovery, both Bahamian and U.S. authorities have reported unsuccessful attempts to extract any useful data or leads from the device.

Detectives employed dogs in an effort to trace Casey’s last known movements. The dogs responded to detectable scents from her yoga tent at the retreat but unfortunately, this lead did not materialize into substantial clues about her whereabouts.

Family Distressed

In an interview, Casey’s mother Colette Seymore, expressed her distress and disappointment about the handling of her daughter’s disappearance. She described her visit to the yoga retreat after her daughter’s absence as deeply unsettling.

“I just felt like they didn’t care. They didn’t care at all,” Seymore said. The family remains in a state of distress and is currently pushing for FBI intervention, fearing that without their expertise, the mystery surrounding her daughter’s whereabouts may never be resolved.

Time for FBI?

The family’s call for FBI intervention underlines their desperation and dissatisfaction with how the case has been handled so far. Bahamian police are yet to comment on the possibility of involving the FBI in the ongoing investigation.

The search for Taylor Casey continues to be a pressing concern on both a national and international level. With the newfound evidence of her phone beneath 50 feet of water, this missing person case has become even more mystifying.

A Mysterious Disappearance

The baffling circumstances surrounding Casey’s departure have left more questions than answers. She had shown no signs of unusual behavior or engagements that would suggest she had plans to abandon her life in the states or contemplate something drastic.

The yoga retreat she attended, up to this day, is considered a safe and serene escape for yoga enthusiasts worldwide. The sudden disappearance and the lack of concrete leads add an eerie layer to this tropical retreat’s reputation.

Anyone with information about Taylor Casey’s whereabouts is encouraged to step forward and contact the relevant authorities.

Missing American Woman's Phone Discovered Underwater Near Bahamas Yoga Retreat

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