Missing 11-Year-Old Laurens County Girl Found Safe in Maryland

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Missing 11-Year-Old Girl from Laurens County Found in Maryland

SC: Officials confirmed that 11-year-old Ruby Guevara from Laurens County, who had been missing for weeks, was finally located in Maryland on Monday. She is believed to have been in the company of a man suspected of being 21 years old, Rafael Garcia.

Last Seen

Ruby Guevara was reported missing several weeks ago. The last sighting was on Georgia Road in Gray Court on Sunday, around 9 p.m. on May 5. Residents described Guevara as about 5 feet tall, weighing 130 pounds. At the time of her disappearance, Ruby was seen donning blue jeans along with a green shirt.

The Search

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, in their public announcement concerning Ruby’s disappearance, revealed they suspected she might be with 21-year-old Rafael Garcia. As this raised concerns about Ruby’s wellbeing, the case garnered attention statewide, prompting the FBI to get involved.

Safe and Sound

Officials announced on Monday that Ruby had been found in Maryland and was safe, only hours after the FBI’s involvement was publicly disclosed. Law enforcement agencies are yet to release any further details about how she was located or Garcia’s involvement.

Public Response

The news of Ruby’s safe recovery drew a sigh of relief from the local community and residents of Laurens County. Families, parents, and educators have been on high alert ever since Ruby’s disappearance, enhancing their child safety measures.

The Takeaway

Ruby’s safe return is a strong reminder for communities about the importance of being vigilant about children’s safety, particularly when they’re alone or in the company of people who are not immediate family. This incident underscores the role of community cooperation, instant reporting of suspicious activities, and the quick response of law enforcement agencies in ensuring children’s safety.

While this episode might leave several questions unanswered, it does culminate in the most favorable outcome that everyone hoped for in this situation – Ruby Guevara is safe.

Missing 11-Year-Old Laurens County Girl Found Safe in Maryland

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