Dreams and dedication: Contestants gear up for Miss South Carolina pageant

Beauty queens prepare backstage.

Dreams and dedication: Contestants gear up for Miss South Carolina pageant

Wed, 26 Jun 2024 19:16:21 GMT

COLUMBIA, SC – Miss South Carolina Pageant Begins

From the heart of Columbia, SC, the week of the much-anticipated Miss South Carolina pageant is officially upon us. Excitement fills the air as contestants, their families, and fervent supporters gather from all across the region, bringing with them dreams of success and fervor for the most coveted crowns in South Carolina’s pageantry.

These young women have been showing an admirable strenuous commitment, preparing for this prominent event for years. Among them, Myrtle Beach-native Victoria Byrd, who is vying for the title of Miss South Carolina Teen.

The Preliminary Preparations

On Tuesday, Victoria Byrd was preoccupied with the rehearsals for Wednesday’s night’s preliminary competition in the teen division. Highlighting her journey, she said, “First I had to learn how to walk in heels, that was the first step, and then learning how to walk in the dress, and preparing for the interviews is really an important part that people don’t really know about pageants.”

Another contestant, Brooke Vu, who is competing for the title of Miss South Carolina 2024, highlighted the extensive preparations that go into competitions such as this. “I think a lot of people think that Miss South Carolina or a pageant like this is kind of one night only, at night on TV, but it’s actually a whole year’s worth of service to your community and your hometown,” said Vu.

Finding Inspiration and Expressing Personal Stories

Vu, in a heartfelt revelation, shared her talent for this year’s pageant. “My talent for Miss South Carolina is Tahitian,” expressed Vu, crediting her dance style to her late coach who became her inspiration. “He is the reason why I dance and how I can express myself and share that story and that legacy to auditions across our state.”

A Countdown to the Crown: What Lies Ahead

With the preliminary Miss South Carolina competition scheduled for Thursday, June 27, the contestants are set to display their talents on Friday for both the divisions. The competition includes various segments like interviews, evening gown, talent, and fitness. The scores accrued from the preliminary competition will determine the top 15 who will advance to the heart-pounding finale on Saturday night.

“If you want to see everyone your hometown girl you got to tune in to the preliminaries,” encouraged Vu.

The Final Night: Crowning Miss South Carolina

The culmination of this intense competitive journey will occur on Saturday, June 29, at the Township Auditorium in Columbia. The event will commence at 8 pm where the new Miss South Carolina will be crowned in front of a live audience and thousands of viewers across the state. The dream of donning that prestigious crown will come true for one deserving, dedicated young woman, creating a new chapter in the history of the Miss South Carolina pageant.

Dreams and dedication: Contestants gear up for Miss South Carolina pageant

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