Lexington PD Appeals for Public’s Aid to Identify Suspected Shoplifter

Shoplifter caught in act.

Lexington PD Appeals for Public’s Aid to Identify Suspected Shoplifter

In the city of Lexington, the local police department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspected shoplifter. According to Detective Arrington of the Lexington Police Department, the man in question is believed to have pilfered computer parts valued at $6,469.79 from a Best Buy store.

Suspected Thefts at Best Buy

The alleged theft took place on May 7, 2024, at the popular electronics retailer located at 5135 Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. The suspect is thought to have brazenly forced open a securely locked display in order to grab the high-priced computer components. Detective Arrington has released a photo of the man suspected to be involved in this theft.

Details on the Theft

Once the suspect had broken open the display and taken the items, it is believed that he concealed them on his person and exited the store without paying. Detective Arrington is leading the investigation into this bold theft and has reached out to the public for aid in identifying the man pictured.

How to Contact Lexington PD

If this individual is recognized, or if anyone has any information about his identity, they are urged to get in touch with Detective Arrington. He is reachable at 803-358-1514 or by sending an email to All calls and emails can be made confidentially and the identity of tipsters will be protected.

Public’s Role in Ensuring Justice

This case underscores the invaluable role that the public can play in investigating suspected crimes and ensuring justice is served. The Lexington Police Department continues to urge residents to support them in their efforts to maintain the peace and security of the community. It is hoped that the suspect will be swiftly identified and apprehended with the help of vigilant citizens.

Lexington PD Appeals for Public's Aid to Identify Suspected Shoplifter

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