Former Lexington County Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence

Police officer domestic dispute

Former Lexington County Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence

Lexington County was shocked to learn on Friday, June 28, 2024, that a former deputy from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department had been arrested on charges of domestic violence. Joshua Jones, 33, is now facing five counts of this serious crime, as reported by the State Law Enforcement Division.

The Arrest and Termination of the Deputy

Jones turned himself in to the law enforcement agencies on June 24. Subsequently, he was terminated from his position with the Sheriff’s Department on June 13. He had originally joined the department as a deputy sheriff in November 2020.

Upon learning about the allegations made against Jones, Sheriff Jay Koon initiated an internal investigation. As well as leading to Jones’ dismissal, the investigation paved the way for a thorough inquiry by the State Law Enforcement Division.

In a press release, Sheriff Koon emphasized that law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard given their duty to protect the community. Any shortfalls in upholding these standards are considered seriously and made accountable. Jones was remanded to the Lexington County Detention Center after his booking on the morning of June 24.

Prosperity Resident Charged Over K-9 Death

In a separate incident, a resident of Prosperity was arrested for fatally shooting a police dog. James Peterson, 37, was charged with cruelty to a police dog, breach of peace, possession of a weapon (considering past convictions), and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.

Upon attempting to arrest Peterson, officers from the Newberry County and State Law Enforcement Division were faced with a dangerous situation. Peterson raised his firearm at officers during the altercation, leading to additional charges of pointing and presenting a firearm.

The responsibility for prosecuting Peterson has fallen to Solicitor David Stumbo, as the incident occurred in Newberry County rather than Lexington. Peterson is currently in custody at the Newberry County Detention Center.

Five Arrested Following Weekend Shooting

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department found itself taking into custody five Leesville residents, as well. The individuals have allegedly fired shots at a home and vehicle in Pelion on June 14.

The group of five were named as Austin Easterling (27), Brendon Ray Parcell (20), Gavin Parcell III (24), Damon Smith (21), and Keeley Smith (23). They are currently charged with first-degree assault and battery, discharging a firearm into a dwelling, and criminal conspiracy.

Upon presenting themselves at a home on Otis Road, the suspects opened fire on a vehicle attempting to leave the premises as well as the actual house. In the ensuing chaos, one of the victims’ cars struck one of the suspects while another victim responded with gunfire from within the house. After meeting their respective bonds, the Parcells and Smiths have been released while Easterling awaits a bond court hearing on June 27.

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Former Lexington County Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence

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