Lexington County Council Candidates Engage in Verbal Dispute

Political Press Conference Chaos

Lexington County Council Candidates Engage in Verbal Dispute

A press conference organized by current Lexington County Council members was thrown into turmoil when Brent Munnerlyn, a candidate for council in District 3, demanded an apology from both his opponent, Darrell Hudson, and fellow Councilwoman Beth Carrigg.

Munnerlyn Alleges Slander

The press conference initially focused on incumbent council members expressing their concerns about alleged election law violations. They claimed builders and developers were illegally funding candidates. However, things took a drastic turn when Munnerlyn entered the scene, refuting these allegations and accusing the current council members of slandering his name. Munnerlyn publicly declared that they had wrongfully suggested he had ties with and accepted funds from a nonprofit organization named Project Lexington’s Future. Insisting his innocence, Munnerlyn challenged the council members to provide proof of their claims and agreed to withdraw from the race if such proof was provided.

Munnerlyn and Whetstone Get Heated

Scotty Whetstone, a current council member, found himself in a shouting match with Munnerlyn as the conversation heated up. Whetstone defended the integrity of the council, declaring, “We are not going to be called corrupt, that is a disgrace to us. There is no corruption at all but sometimes you have to stand your ground.”

Munnerlyn’s Promise to Public

In response to the allegations, Munnerlyn made a pledge to the public regarding campaign funds. He stated, “If anybody donates to this campaign through that money goes into my account. You have my word, the public, that I will refund any money that anybody in the public ever says was tied to a developer or builder, I will put it back.”

Evidence Requested from Current Council Members

When the council members were asked to provide proof of their accusations regarding transparency in campaign donations, they claimed they could not furnish any evidence, citing attorney client privilege. The stand-off has left locals in anticipation of the election due on June 11.

Lexington County Council Candidates Engage in Verbal Dispute

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