Lexington Chamber Bridges Gap between Local Businesses and Community at Sold-Out Lexpo Event

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Lexington Chamber Connects Community and Businesses at Lexpo

The Lexington Chamber instituted a vibrant community shopping experience with the Lexpo event, fully selling out stand spots for businesses to show off their offerings. To ensure an animated interaction with the 92 exhibitors, much emphasis is on luring a sizable crowd. The event’s success over the years heralds the prospect of a large turnout.

Boosting name recognition

One of the main goals of events like Lexpo is to foster name recognition for both small and large businesses, as it impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions. Participating businesses benefit from this opportunity to build their marketing strategies and increase customer familiarity, leading to more business. Lexposition provides such a platform to companies looking to capitalize on visibility and connection.

Making the event more appealing

The Lexington Chamber has been building the event’s impact for over a decade. To make it more appealing, recent years have seen changes like the addition of local restaurants offering food samples in a segment called “Flavors of Lexington”. Schedule adjustments to coincide with happy hours, complete with beer and wine, have also drawn more attendees. The goal is to offer opportunities for small and midsize businesses to gain more exposure.

Local businesses stepping into the spotlight

This year, new participants range from a pickleball complex to a coffee shop, a dentistry office, and a trash bin cleaning business. Keeping it entertaining is the Chamber’s key goal. This year sees a Mardi Gras theme, urging businesses to decorate their booths accordingly to vie for the “Best Booth” and “Best in Show” awards.

Lexpo moves for better visibility

The event, which has been taking place at the Barr Road Sports Complex over the last few years, originally happened during the day at River Bluff High School. However, the organizers moved it to a more happy-hour-friendly timeline to draw in more participants.

Supporting local businesses

The Chamber hopes that the event will garner support for local businesses and remind people that these establishments employ their friends and neighbors – it fuels job creation, quality of life, and ensures the provision of needed local services. It is critical to interact with other people at such events to strengthen relationships and boost awareness.

Community and business networking

Participating businesses are excited about the annual Lexpo’s networking opportunities. It allows businesses to introduce their services to community members who haven’t met them yet. Participants can showcase their new offerings, upcoming events, and take the opportunity to engage with other local businesses.

Lexington Chamber Bridges Gap between Local Businesses and Community at Sold-Out Lexpo Event

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