Two Lexington County Agribusinesses Receive Prestigious Grants for Innovation

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Two Lexington County Agribusinesses Receive Prestigious Grants for Innovation

In Dixiana, South Carolina, it was announced that two agribusinesses in Lexington County were amongst a dozen statewide to be granted $200,000 by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Agribusiness Center for Research and Entrepreneurship (ACRE). The money was awarded as part of ACRE’s Advanced Entrepreneurship program, designed to spur innovation within the industry.

Grants Aim to Champion Advance Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness

The grants were awarded after the businesses made presentations to a panel of judges on May 15. They were judged based on their business plans, a five-minute video presentation, and their proven history of business success. In addition to the grant money, the awardees will also gain access to a network of business advisors and professional assistance with further state and federal grant applications.

Who Are The Winning Agribusinesses?

The grant winners were a diverse group, representing animal agriculture, specialty food producers, produce farms, and both new and established farmers. The two Lexington County agribusinesses that stood out are:

Crossroads Processing

Founded in 2022, Crossroads Processing from Leesville quickly expanded from deer processing to include other types of meats, addressing gaps in the local market. With aims to increase direct-to-consumer processing and local meat processing infrastructure, this agribusiness also wants to help bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.

Heartworks Farm

Heartworks Farm, also located in Lexington County, is a specialty crop farm that grows items such as tomatoes, microgreens, and cut flowers. The farm plans to use the grant to build a multifunctional packing and processing building. With this building, they aim to provide cold storage, an area for processing, and a flexible space for educational workshops and farm events.

Fueling the Future of Agribusiness

“Every year, I’m so impressed by the creativity, drive, and diversity of the entrepreneurs who compete as part of the ACRE Advanced Entrepreneurship program,” said ACRE Executive Director Kyle Player in praise of the grant recipients.

Since its inception in 2018, ACRE has aimed to foster innovation and growth in South Carolina’s booming agribusiness sector. The organization partners with Clemson Extension to offer a training and mentorship program for novice agricultural entrepreneurs seeking to tap into advanced award funding.

For more information about ACRE and its initiatives, visit

Two Lexington County Agribusinesses Receive Prestigious Grants for Innovation

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