Mother Charged with Murder of Her Two Toddlers in Lakewood, New Jersey: Prosecutors

Grieving mother with toddlers.

Toddlers Killed by Their Own Mother in Lakewood, New Jersey, Prosecutors Confirm

Lakewood Mother Accused of Homicide

A horrific incident occurred in Lakewood, New Jersey, as a 27-year-old mother, Naomi Elkins, is facing murder charges following the death of her two children, aged 1 and 3 years old. Investigators have stated that the woman allegedly drowned her children in their home.

A shocking revelation came as the Ocean County Prosecutor mentioned that the one-year-old child had also been stabbed. Elkins appeared in court, responding affirmatively to the judge’s question about her comprehension of the charges against her.

Emergency Response to the Tragedy

Lakewood Police responded to a distress call regarding two children in cardiac arrest. Upon arriving at the scene on Shenandoah Drive, officers discovered Hatzolah Medical service personnel performing CPR on the two children, who were ultimately pronounced dead.

The initial investigation steered to Elkins being responsible for her children’s death, leading to her arrest. Currently, Elkins is in the Ocean County Jail awaiting a detention hearing. She stands accused of two counts of murder and unlawful possession of a weapon. Investigations are ongoing, with no further details on the incident revealed.

Lakewood Community in Shock

In Ocean County, approximately 35 miles to the east of Trenton, the heart-wrenching incident has rocked the Lakewood community. Most neighbors chose to hold back their comments, finding it hard to absorb the unimaginable act. One resident of the tight-knit community did express her shock and confusion, particularly at the thought of harm brought unto a 1 and 3 year old.

Although there have been murmurings that Elkins’ husband was out of state when the incident occurred, official comments on this facet of the story are yet to be made. As conversations circulate, the impact of this tragic event on an otherwise united community is palpable.

Elkins is set to return to court on July 1 for her detention hearing. As of now, her attorney has not provided any comments.

Continuing Coverage

Related cases in the same geographical region are also ongoing, including a deadly stabbing in the East Village, an elderly couple killed in an NYC fire, and a Venezuelan migrant accused of shooting two NYPD officers. All these incidents collectively highlight the current surge in violent cases regionally.

Mother Charged with Murder of Her Two Toddlers in Lakewood, New Jersey: Prosecutors

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