The Artistic Tapestry of July 2024 at Columbia Museum of Art

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The Artistic Tapestry of July 2024 at Columbia Museum of Art

In the heartland of South Carolina, the Columbia Museum of Art unrolls an extraordinary roster of exhibitions and activities for July 2024. The museum promises a blend of historical and contemporary art, complemented by educational programs and special events designed for a wide range of art enthusiasts.

Historical Gaze on the American Landscape

With the art exhibition, (Un)Settled: The Landscape in American Art, visitors will witness the profound influence of the American landscape on the country’s visual arts. On view from June 15 through September 8, this compilation features works from legendary artists like Fidelia Bridges, Marsden Hartley, Georgia O’Keeffe and many others.

An Ode to Fashion

Fashion enthusiasts will relish the exhibition, Sergio Hudson: Focused on the Fit, on display until July 7. This display marks a tribute to the designer’s journey from Ridgeway, South Carolina, at a tender age of four, to being a significant name in the global fashion circuit.

Greek-infused Artistry

Coming up in July, the museum will welcome the exhibition, Constantine Manos: A Greek Portfolio. Born to Greek immigrant parents in Columbia, Constantine Manos took a life-altering trip to Greece in the 1960s and richly documented the day-to-day life of rural villagers over three years. His artistry, unveiled on July 23, will add a layer of cultural depth to the museum’s slate.

A Host of Engaging Events

Alongside exhibitions, Columbia Museum of Art will host programs and events catering to a diverse audience. July’s calendar includes Touch Tours for visually impaired visitors, Summer Camps on visual feast and creative jewelry design, Evening Yoga sessions on Boyd Plaza, and much more, promising to offer an immersive experience to art patrons of all ages and capabilities.

Welcoming New Patrons and Celebrating the Old

Public tours of the ongoing exhibition (Un)Settled will be organized on a few days for individuals to sink into the beauty of American landscapes in tranquillity. Columbia Museum of Art is also planning to spice things up with Spritz Mix Happy Hour, where visitors can satiate their thirst with their favorite spritzers while dwelling in the rapture of art.

The Columbia Museum of Art continues its mission to celebrate the power and passion for art and its impact on our lives, making it a must-visit destination for people dwelling in or passing through South Carolina in July 2024.

The Artistic Tapestry of July 2024 at Columbia Museum of Art

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