Johns Island Electrocution Incident Leads to Tragic Death, Sparks Concerns Over Workplace Safety

Workplace safety caution sign.

Johns Island electrocution victim identified

Unfortunate workplace incident

The Charleston County Coroner’s Office has identified a woman who tragically lost her life due to an electrocution incident. Emma Lopez-Garcia, 31, from North Charleston, succumbed to her injuries sustained while performing her duties at a landscaping site located between Bear Swamp Road and Saint Hubert Way on Johns Island.

Circumstances of the incident

Reports from the Charleston County deputies suggest that the incident occurred on a Friday morning around 8:30. The initial report that came in stated that two individuals got electrocuted while working. One of them was on a metal ladder trimming trees while the second individual was holding the ladder steady. With an unfortunate turn of events, the individual on the ladder made contact with the overhead electrical wires.

Rush to the hospital

After the accident both individuals were immediately taken to MUSC for urgent medical treatment. The Charleston County Coroner, Bobbi Jo O’Neal, confirmed that Lopez-Garcia was pronounced dead at the hospital roughly an hour after the incident at 9:30. As of now, there is no word on the condition of the second person who was also injured in the same incident.

Further investigation pending

The circumstances of the accident are still under investigation. More details are expected to emerge as occupational safety officials and law enforcement authorities delve into the issue.

Community response

The tragic incident has raised concerns over workplace safety. Amid this, the community stands in solidarity with the grieving family of Lopez-Garcia. The incident serves as a grim reminder for all businesses to enhance their safety protocols to ensure incidents of this sort are prevented in the future.

Recent incidents in the vicinity

This tragic incident follows shortly after a fatal Berkeley Co. collision that occurred recently. Further, another incident involving a North Charleston officer-involved shooting injured a man and an officer, confirmed by police. These recent events have raised questions over public safety in the region. Emergence of a major hurricane, Beryl, forecast to reach Category 4, has also put the region on high alert.


In these times of heightened alert due to recent incidents and impending hurricane threat, the region stands in unity, with resilience and fortitude, ready to face and overcome all challenges.

Johns Island Electrocution Incident Leads to Tragic Death, Sparks Concerns Over Workplace Safety

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