John Truluck Honoured as Local Developer of the Year

Local developer receiving award

John Truluck Honoured as Local Developer of the Year

The South Carolina Economic Developers Association (SCEDA) has announced the winner of this year’s Developer of the Year award. John Truluck, the Economic Development Director at Dorchester County, South Carolina, received the prestigious title, and Holly McCrary has been named as the SCEDA Rising Star.

The awards were bestowed at SCEDA’s annual conference held in Myrtle Beach this week.

John Truluck – A Pillar in South Carolina’s Economic Development

John Truluck has had a remarkable 23-year career in economic development, serving the area unconditionally. His dedication and commitment have significantly fostered growth and development in Dorchester County and the whole state.

During his tenure, Truluck has led the creation of the Dorchester Economic Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) body dedicated to propelling Dorchester County’s economic interests. He also played an instrumental role in introducing over 34 new and expanding businesses, which led to the creation of 4,416 jobs and attracted more than $1.14 billion in capital investment to the area.

When reacting to the news, Truluck said, “I am honored to receive the Local Developer of the Year award from SCEDA. Being nominated by my peers, who understand the challenges and triumphs of economic development firsthand, means a lot. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue creating a more prosperous future for all South Carolinians.”

Holly McCrary – The SCEDA Rising Star

Alongside Truluck, Holly McCrary, existing industry manager for the South Carolina Department of Commerce, was recognized as the SCEDA Rising Star. Despite her relatively short time in the field, she has displayed striking commitment and a positive attitude.

Since McCrary joined the SC Department of Commerce in February 2023, she has played a critical role in nurturing South Carolina’s existing industry, which significantly contributes to the state’s economic growth.

Upon receiving the award, McCrary said, “I’m honored to receive the SCEDA Rising Star award and grateful to be recognized by my peers. I am excited to continue my professional development through SCEDA and working with all the amazing companies that call South Carolina home.”


The South Carolina Economic Developer’s Association is a professional trade organization dedicated to promoting the economic prosperity of the state of South Carolina. By helping shape the state’s economic climate, they provide resources for economic development through collaborations with businesses and government entities to foster job creation and business growth in South Carolina. Their annual awards ceremony recognizes individuals who have made a substantial impact on South Carolina’s economic landscape.

John Truluck Honoured as Local Developer of the Year

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