Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in Cincinnati, Community Reacts With Heartbreak and Unity

Unity in Jewish community.

Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery in Cincinnati Leaves Community ‘Heartbroken’

The Jewish community of Cincinnati, Ohio, woke up to a horrifying sight on Tuesday morning, as vandals defaced 176 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery. The antisemitic act of vandalism has left members of the community deeply distressed and ‘heartbroken’. The Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati (JCGC) and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati brought the incident and its heartrending consequences to light.

US President Condemn the Vandalism

US President Joe Biden condemned the “vile” act of defacement, terming it a ‘despicable’ incident of antisemitism. The President has committed his administration’s full support to investigators, vowing to bring those responsible to justice. He underlined the necessity for unity and strength in these challenging times.

“I condemn these acts and commit my administration to support investigators in holding those responsible accountable to the full extent of the law,” President Biden stressed in his public address.

Details of the Antisemitic Vandalism

The Tifereth Israel Cemetery and Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Cemetery, both situated at the Covedale Cemetery complex, bore the brunt of the destruction. In a joint statement, the JCGC and the Jewish Federation highlighted the devastating impact, narrating how most gravestones were pushed face down, complicating the identification of affected families. The Federation is committed to inform the families as soon as more information is available.

The desecration is currently under investigation. Some of the toppled tombstones date back to the late 1800s and have suffered substantial damage; a number have cracked in two. The Jewish Federation is working closely with the Cincinnati Police Department, the FBI, and Green Township on the ongoing investigation. However, at this time, no suspects have been identified.

Community Responds With Unity

The Jewish Federation, in a public declaration, emphasized the essentiality of unity and vigilance in the face of hate. “In these challenging times, it is crucial for us to stand united against hate. We call on the entire community to remain vigilant and to continue to support one another. Together, we will overcome this act of hatred and reaffirm our commitment to fostering a community of tolerance and respect,” the Federation asserted.

Call for Donations to Repair Fund

The JCGC and the Jewish Federation have urged members of the Jewish community to donate towards the JCGC’s monument repair fund. The funds raised will be used to restore the damaged gravestones and help the community heal from the impact of this antisemitic act.

Community’s Resolve Against Antisemitism

In the face of this heartrending act of vandalism, the Jewish community’s brave resolve against antisemitism shines out. By standing together and supporting one another, the Cincinnati’s Jewish community is turning a despicable act of hatred into a rallying point for unity, tolerance and respect.

Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in Cincinnati, Community Reacts With Heartbreak and Unity

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