Grammy Winner Jeff Lorber to Play at Chayz Lounge on May 10 and 11

Jazz musicians performing live.

Grammy Winner Jeff Lorber to Play at Chayz Lounge on May 10 and 11

Lexington’s Chayz Lounge on Meeting Street has been a leader on the local jazz scene for years now, hosting a refined list of talented performers such as guitarist Rod Harris, Jr., vocalist ChaVonne Campbell, and trumpeter Mark Rapp, among many others. But this coming Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11, the venue will welcome a nationally recognized talent to its stage: Grammy-winning keyboardist Jeff Lorber.

Lorber, joined by guitarist Ron Bosse and his band, is set to bring his unique blend of jazz, fusion, and pop to the Lexington audience. The two musicians, fresh off the massive success of their collaborative album, “Burning Room Only,” have been touring together to packed venues across the country.

A Career That Spans Decades

Jeff Lorber’s career in music dates back to 1977 when he formed the Jeff Lorber Fusion. The band’s 1980 album, “Wizard Island,” featured saxophonist Kenny G – who was relatively unknown at the time. Lorber made his solo debut in 1982, with “It’s A Fact,” which received a Grammy nomination in 1985 for the radio hit, “Pacific Coast Highway.”

Over the years, Lorber has continued to add to his impressive discography which includes “West Side Stories,” “State of Grace,” and “Midnight” among others. After multiple nominations throughout his career, Lorber finally secured a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for his recording, “Prototype,” in 2018.

“Burning Room Only” and Beyond

The recent album with guitarist Ron Bosse, “Burning Room Only,” continues Lorber’s trend of blending funky beats with smooth, skilled improvisation. The album received high praise from publications such as “Jazz Guitar Today” and “Jazz Weekly,” not only lauding Bosse’s intricate guitar solos, but also celebrating Lorber’s production and songwriting skills.

Notably, Lorber is no stranger to production; over the years, he has produced albums for many artists including Michael Franks, Richard Elliot, Gerald Albright, and Rick Braun.

Looking Ahead to the Weekend Shows

The upcoming shows in Chayz Lounge are anticipated to showcase not only the jazz talents of Lorber and Bosse but also their exceptional songwriting and playing skills. Lorber, who has kept himself on his toes for decades in the competitive music industry, was quoted on his website as saying, “I think it’s easy to write music but it’s hard to write great music. I am always looking for inspiration, and it doesn’t take much for me to drop whatever I’m doing to chase an idea for a new song if I hear something that inspires me.”

Grammy Winner Jeff Lorber to Play at Chayz Lounge on May 10 and 11

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