Irmo First Responders Rescue Car Owner Pinned under Vehicle

First responders assisting victim

Irmo First Responders Rescue Car Owner Pinned under Vehicle

In Irmo, South Carolina, local firefighters and Lexington Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have teamed up to facilitate the rescue of an individual found trapped under their own car.

Rescue Efforts and Incident Details

The incident occurred late Monday evening in the parking lot of Auto Zone, where the victim was attempting to execute vehicular repairs. The situation escalated when the car slipped off the jack and subsequently pinned the victim beneath it, according to statements from the Irmo Fire Department. The victim’s arm became entangled under the car, which complicated the rescue. Despite the complications, the rescue team managed to dismantle the entanglement and free the victim.

Immediate Actions and Support

First responders from Lexington County EMS administered immediate patient care in the interim as Irmo Fire District crews worked tirelessly to stabilize the vehicle. They then proceeded to lift the car off the victim in a joint effort. These collaborative efforts between the EMS and fire department ensured timely and effective service, prioritizing the victim’s safety above all.

Victim’s Condition

The victim was promptly transported to the local hospital following the rescue. Despite incurring serious injuries, the individual’s condition is reported to be stable and not life-threatening.

Community Response and Ongoing Safety Measures

This incident serves as a strong reminder about the potential dangers involved in personal car maintenance and the importance of taking necessary precautionary measures. Moreover, the event showcases the exceptional collaboration between the Emergency Medical Services and local fire departments, indicating their readiness to respond rapidly and efficiently regardless of the complexity of the situation.


This unforeseen event has highlighted the reality of hazards present even in seemingly routine actions. However, the successful rescue effort stands as a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the Irmo Fire District and the Lexington County EMS, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to ensuring local community safety.

Irmo First Responders Rescue Car Owner Pinned under Vehicle

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