Irmo Unveils First Responders Memorial on Fallen Firefighter’s Anniversary

First Responders Memorial dedication

Irmo Unveils First Responders Memorial on Fallen Firefighter’s Anniversary

In a solemn ceremony on May 28, the town of Irmo, South Carolina dedicated a First Responders Memorial, marking the one-year anniversary of the death of firefighter James “J” Muller. The unveiling at Irmo Town Park pays tribute not only to Muller, but also to all those who serve their communities as emergency response personnel.

The memorial, stationed at Columbia Avenue and Carlisle Street, is now engraved with a single name: 25-year-old James Muller. The community fondly remembers him for his dedication and service. He died on duty a year ago, just before Memorial Day Weekend.

A Tribute to Public Servants:

Mayor Bill Danielson expressed the town’s deep respect and appreciation for its first responders. “Our police department and our fire district”, he said,” are woven into the fabric of Irmo. Despite the challenges of recent years, we pull together, we love our community, and we passionately venerate our first responders,” he stated during the unveiling ceremony.

Irmo Fire Chief Mike Sonefeld spoke touching words in memory of Muller, noting, “J gave his life doing what he was born to do. He discovered his sense of purpose. His life was not wasted. Instead, it was gifted to us as a model to share and to celebrate.”

Remembering James Muller:

Also present during the ceremony were members of James Muller’s family: his wife, Emma, and their son, Cole. Fire Chief Sonefeld recounted Muller’s unwavering love for his job and his community. “Everything was 4th gear wide open…and he never stopped. That was at home, as a father, and as a husband,” he remembered.

Irmo Town Park, where the First Responders Memorial sits, is open for public visiting from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, offering residents a space to pay their respect to Muller and all of the community’s service personnel.

Irmo Unveils First Responders Memorial on Fallen Firefighter's Anniversary

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