Immerse in Interactive Animal Encounters at Riverbanks Zoo

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Date: June 26, 2024


The heart of Columbia, South Carolina is hosting another exceptional adventure at the renowned Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. With an aim to offer the most exciting experiences for those with a curiosity for wildlife, the zoo now allows up-close interaction and engagement with your favorite animals.

The Initiative

So far, the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden has primarily focused on viewing experiences, where visitors could enjoy the sight of different animals and birds. However, this initiative is aimed at extending the interaction from a mere viewing experience into a more engaging encounter for the visitors. This immersive experience not only adds to the overall adventure but also fulfills one’s curiosity and intrigue about the animals.

Interactive Animal Encounters

This new program of interactive animal encounters brings the visitors closer to their favorite Riverbanks residents. From learning about a bird’s daily diet to getting an up-close glimpse of different kinds of reptiles, visitors can choose from various unique adventures. Visitors are even assisted by the professional guides at the zoo who aid in this interaction while ensuring the safety of both the visitors and the animals.

Take Advantage of Interactive Experiences

Visitor participation in the interactive encounters is a novelty at the Riverbanks zoo. The individuals who wish to participate in this exciting journey are to follow a simple registration process. Subsequently, they are taken through a preparatory and training program for the individual encounters, headed by a team of zoo experts.

Importance of The Program

The program offers an unmatched hands-on experience that does wonders in enlightening the participants about the lives of the various animals and birds residing at the zoo. By educating the visitors about the dietary habits, physical traits, and unique abilities of different species, the program is committing itself to wildlife education and conservation. Furthermore, it presents a golden opportunity for the participants to connect with nature and its inhabitants on a much deeper level.


The introduction of interactive animal encounters at the Riverbanks Zoo augments the overall visitor experience to the next level. The venture becomes more than just a fun zoo visit. It adds an educational facet to the entire experience elevating the adventure to a learning journey about wildlife. The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden welcomes visitors from all walk of life to partake in this exciting expedition and immerse themselves in the wonders of wildlife!

For any queries or feedback, our information desk is available at all times to assist and guide. Visit the most exciting wildlife experience in Columbia, South Carolina himself and feel the difference of being up close with your favorite animals at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

Immerse in Interactive Animal Encounters at Riverbanks Zoo

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