New headquarters for Heavy Iron Cranes to be built in Lexington

Corporate headquarters construction site.

New headquarters for Heavy Iron Cranes to be built in Lexington

Lexington, SC – It’s a new dawn for Heavy Iron Cranes as the corporate offices and repair shop merge under one roof. The new headquarters, under construction at 4682 Augusta Road, promises a turning point for Heavy Iron Cranes, the reputable cranes company. The announcement came from Chapin Commercial Construction, the general contractors handling the project, which is closer to completion.

Project Details and Execution

The state-of-the-art headquarters will accommodate all of Heavy Iron Cranes’ operations in Lexington. The building, sitting on a nearly eight-acre land, spans approximately 20,000 square feet. The new experience will enhance the workflow, improve team collaboration, and contribute to a more inclusive work area, making it an exciting venture for employees coming from the two offices and the repair shop. The project, scheduled for completion this spring, started under the supervision of Chapin Commercial Construction.

Chapin Commercial Construction: Building the Legacy of Trust

Chapin Commercial Construction, a trusted name in commercial development projects, is handling the construction. With headquarters in Chapin, SC., the company led by the dynamic duo Chad and Caroline Lindler, is renowned for its impeccable commercial construction services spread across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Proudly hailed as the most-reviewed commercial construction company in South Carolina, the group offers extensive experience in constructing service-oriented edifices and engineering industries.

Heavy Iron Cranes: The Pioneers

Heavy Iron Cranes, known for its state-of-the-art cranes, provides the region with reliable crane services. The holding of the new headquarters in Lexington marks an increase in their capacity to accommodate large scale projects. New and existing clients can anticipate better, improved services and a more streamlined process of operation.

A New Phase

The amalgamation of the two offices and the repair shop under one roof signifies a new phase for Heavy Iron Cranes, solidifying their presence in Lexington, SC. The community eagerly awaits the grand opening of the headquarters, which will reinforce Heavy Iron Cranes’ commitment to providing top-notch services in the area. This move is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy and showcase Lexington’s growth potential on the South Carolina business stage. The construction of this new headquarters will undoubtedly put Lexington on the map as a hub for industry development and growth.

This exciting development promises a more prosperous future not just for Heavy Iron Cranes but for the Lexington community as well. Residents look forward to how this new ensemble will shape the city’s commercial progress and influence the wider regional and national industrial scene.

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New headquarters for Heavy Iron Cranes to be built in Lexington

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