Gov. Newsom Signs Budget Aimed at Tackling California’s $47 Billion Deficit with $16 Billion in Cuts

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Gov. Newsom Signs “More Fiscally Responsible” California Budget Amid Deficit Challenges

Sacramento, California

Governor Gavin Newsom has made a significant stride towards dealing with the state’s $47 billion deficit by sanctioning California’s 2024 budget. The new budget, signed on Saturday, intends to be “more fiscally responsible,” with about $16 billion in spending cuts implemented for the 2024 financial plan, as per the agreement’s fact sheet.

Sound and Balanced Plan

Governor Newsom, in his statement, highlighted this as a responsible budget that meticulously prepares for the future while making significant amendments in the foundational programs that impact millions of Californians every day. He further said, “Thanks to careful stewardship of the budget over the past few years, we’re able to meet this moment while protecting our progress on housing, homelessness, education, health care and other priorities that matter deeply to Californians.”

The Governor expressed gratitude to the Legislature for their cooperation in delivering a sound and balanced plan, which avoids deep program cuts while maintaining the budget for education and Medi-Cal expansion.

New Spending Agreement

The $298 billion spending agreement was ratified by the State Legislature on Wednesday in a series of bills and subsequently signed by Governor Newsom on Saturday. It encapsulates various agenda of state Democrats, including support services for the unhoused and immigrants lacking permanent legal status.

“Rainy Day Fund” Utilization

A notable aspect of the budget underscores the use of the state’s reserve “rainy day fund” over the ensuing two fiscal years. This includes $5.1 billion in 2024-25 and $7.1 billion in 2025-26. This decision falls in line with the state’s attempts to navigate the economic upheaval presented by the substantial deficit and ensure the continued welfare of its residents.


The budget signing marks a pivotal moment for California as the state grapples with an unprecedented financial deficit. With the cuts and reserve fund reallocation, the state moves forward towards a more sustainable and economically sound future, committing to critical services for Californians whilst simultaneously striving to balance the budget.

Gov. Newsom Signs Budget Aimed at Tackling California's $47 Billion Deficit with $16 Billion in Cuts

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