Irmo Fire Department Warns of Gas Leak near Local Schools

Gas leak near school

Irmo Fire Department Warns of Gas Leak near Local Schools

In Irmo, South Carolina, a gas leak alarm was raised on Friday, causing local schools to initiate security protocols. The incident occurred near the Irmo High School campus. School District Five confirmed receiving this information from the Irmo Fire Department.

Details about the Gas Leak

Firefighters were dispatched to 6051 Wescott Rd. near Irmo Middle School at 1:48 pm following reports of a gas leak. The leak was apparently caused by a backhoe digging a hole in the area.

Schools Put on Secure Status

Following the leak, Irmo High School, Irmo Middle School, and CrossRoads Intermediate School were all placed in a secure status. Irmo Fire explained that the leak, although relatively small, required that the surrounding road be temporarily closed for safety until repairs could be carried out.

In accordance with safety protocols, the ‘Secure Status’ allowed students and staff free movement within the respective school buildings, but no one was allowed to either enter or exit while repairs were underway. This was upheld until roughly 3:30 pm when the Irmo Fire Department gave an all-clear signal, and students were dismissed as usual.

No Evacuation Necessary

Despite the leak, no evacuation measures were necessary as it was deemed minor. Firefighters assured parents and faculty that the students and staff were never in any danger throughout the incident.

Prompt Response and Clearance

The safety protocols put in place and the prompt response of the Irmo Fire Department ensured the situation was rapidly controlled, allowing a return to normal operations within a couple of hours.

Irmo Fire Department Warns of Gas Leak near Local Schools

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