Tampa’s FSC Franchise Co. Announces Major Expansion: 15 New Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Locations to Open in South Carolina

"Beef 'O' Brady's Expansion"

Tampa-based Restaurant Group Set to Expand with 15 New Locations in South Carolina

Tampa-based FSC Franchise Co. announced a major expansion in South Carolina

A prominent restaurant group based in Tampa, Florida, FSC Franchise Co., is turning its sights towards an ambitious and expansive growth plan in South Carolina. The dynamic restaurant group plans to open 15 new locations across the state, with its family-friendly Beef ‘O’ Brady’s sports pub brand leading the charge.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has already established a well-known presence on Hard Scrabble Road, within the fast-growing northeastern region of Columbia. This location will form the cornerstone of this major expansion strategy, as FSC Franchise works towards increasing the total number of its Beef ‘O’ Brady’s outlets operating across the U.S. to almost 150. The expansion will take place in the areas of Oakland, Mulberry, Orangeburg, Summerville, and Walterboro.

Expansion Details

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has earned itself a stellar reputation in the restaurant industry thanks to its unique family-friendly atmosphere and diverse menu selections. From crisp salads and wings to hand-cut sirloin and Angus steak, the franchise offers a versatile dining experience. Additionally, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s prides itself on an extensive drinks menu comprising cocktails, wines, beer, sangria, and a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

FSC Franchise Co. CEO Chris Elliott considers the South Carolina market a prime location for the brand’s planned expansion, citing the area’s numerous small towns and suburban markets as demographics ideally suited to Beef ‘O’ Brady’s target customer base.

South Carolina: The Ideal Market

“Beef ‘O’ Brady’s does really well in suburban markets and in small towns, and there are a lot of those places in (South Carolina),” CEO Chris Elliott said via email. This move aligns perfectly with the state’s shifting demographics as indicated by South Carolina’s Census Bureau stats for 2010–2022. The data shows a significant growth in the 65-and-older segment which increased from 13.7% to 19.1%, presenting an opportunity for brands that capture these markets well.

Looking Ahead

As part of its growth plan, FSC Franchise Co. intends to open approximately five new Beef ‘O’ Brady’s locations each year. The restaurant group is a firm believer in the power and potential of franchising, with all the proposed South Carolina stores expected to be franchise-owned units.

In terms of the overall franchise development process, the company is committed to working closely with franchise owners to provide extensive support, from site selection and development to marketing and operational procedures, in order to realize the successful and profitable operation of each new Beef ‘O’ Brady’s location.

With this remarkable expansion, the Tampa-based FSC Franchise Co. not only makes a strong mark on the South Carolina market but also demonstrates the confidence and optimism in the state’s economy and the potential in its restaurant industry.

Tampa's FSC Franchise Co. Announces Major Expansion: 15 New Beef 'O' Brady's Locations to Open in South Carolina

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