Former US Officials Claim Israel Gaza Policy Endangers America’s National Security

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Former US Officials Allege Israel Gaza Policy “Put a Target on America’s Back”

Resigned Officials Voice Safety Concerns

Twelve ex-officials from the Biden administration, who recently resigned due to disagreement over America’s policy towards Israel and the Gaza war, have recently released a joint statement. They assert that US actions concerning the volatile region have endangered national security in an unprecedented manner. They argue these policies have increased instability in the region and have significantly “put a target on America’s back”.

Latest Resignation

One amongst the group had only resigned on Tuesday from their position at the US Department of the Interior. This wave of resignations and subsequent joint statement has drawn widespread attention. However, the US Department of State has time and again dismissed such claims. The Department points towards their condemnation of civilian casualties in Gaza and efforts to bolster humanitarian aid as evidence of their balanced approach.

Joint Statement on America’s Gaza Policy

The signatories of the statement, belie the government’s assertions, stating “America’s diplomatic cover for, and continuous flow of arms to Israel has ensured our undeniable complicity in the killings and forced starvation of a besieged Palestinian population in Gaza.” The most recent batch of resignations includes that of Maryam Hassanein, a special assistant at the US Department of Interior, who also signed the statement.

Criticisms Levelled

The former officials accuse the US government of stubbornly holding on to a “failed policy” resulting in a devastating humanitarian crisis for the Palestinian people. They argue that America’s actions have jeopardized not only Israeli citizens but also deprived citizens of their right to free speech while undermining American credibility. Additionally, they argue ongoing weapons transfers to Israel, in spite of its actions in Gaza, have only further destabilised the Middle East, this, they say has “put a target on America’s back”.

Emphasising the impact on US’ international stature, the statement further expounds that “our nation’s political and economic interests across the region have also been significantly harmed, while US credibility has been deeply undermined worldwide at a time we need it most, when the world is characterised by a new era of strategic competition,”

Surge in Resignations

Among the cohort of resignations is Josh Paul, a former official overseeing Congressional relations on weapons transfers, who resigned in October. The list also includes a former White House official, two previous air force department personnel and a former army officer from the Defence Intelligence Agency.

The state department’s response has been steadfast. They have stated there exists a diversity of views on policy which is encouraged and that staff have the right to express them through “appropriate channels”. They echoed earlier sentiments, claiming the US has been clear with Israel that it must abide by international humanitarian law.

Mounting Pressure on President Biden

The wave of resignations and the joint statement come at a critical juncture, when President Biden is already under increasing pressure from several quarters over his handling of the situation in Gaza. This pressure has only intensified following a deadly attack on aid workers, a reactionary measure by the Israeli military to an unprecedented attack on southern Israel by the Hamas group, leaving 1,200 people dead and 251 taken hostage.

Former US Officials Claim Israel Gaza Policy Endangers America's National Security

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