ElringKlinger Announces New Battery Factory and Hub in South Carolina, Set to Boost US e-Mobility Industry

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ElringKlinger to Open New Battery Factory in South Carolina

The trailblazing German automotive supplier, ElringKlinger, has announced plans to establish a new Group site in Easley, in the Pickens County, northwest of the US state of South Carolina. The initiative is viewed as a game-changing moment for the American e-mobility industry.

ElringKlinger Factory

ElringKlinger to open battery factory in South Carolina

The New Battery Hub

ElringKlinger has bold plans to primarily manufacture innovative battery technology products at the new facility. The ambitious expansion plan includes morphing the site into a leading battery hub for the vast American market. Initially, the new facility will encompass an impressive area of 21,000 m², with an additional expansion stimulus in the pipeline.

ElringKlinger’s vision is to gradually swell the site to become its leading battery centre for the North American e-mobility landscape. The operation at the state-of-the-art battery factory is set to kick start by mid-2025.

Production Plans and Strategy

Upon launch, ElringKlinger is expected to manufacture cell contacting systems in Pickens County initially, for an undisclosed launching customer. A strategic decision underpins the choice of location in South Carolina – its central location between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, home to major automotive production hubs.

The region’s promising labor pool also played a role in the site selection, given the existence of prestigious universities such as the Clemson University, known to ensure a wealth of highly skilled workforce, especially in the technical sector.

Unlocking Potential for e-Mobility

According to ElringKlinger, this new site is a crucial leap in the execution of its SHAPE30 transformation strategy. CEO Thomas Jessulat underscored the profound potential that the American market offers for e-mobility applications.

Jessulat stated, “We have already received a first high-volume series nomination.” He added, “South Carolina presents as an optimal launching pad to establish the Group’s Battery Center Americas, as evidenced by yesterday’s constructive talks with Governor McMaster.”

Impacting e-Mobility Sector

This move by ElringKlinger signifies a significant boost to the e-mobility sector. The establishment of a new battery factory and hub promises future growth for the industry. The company’s commitment and investment in the e-mobility landscape solidifies its major role in the imminent shift to a more sustainable automotive future.

As more automotive companies pledge to go electric, the need for high-performance batteries grows. The new battery factory will help meet this demand and strengthen the supply chain in the North American market. Moreover, this venture signals the increasing confidence of major corporations in the flourishing and future-proof e-mobility market.

Stay tuned for more updates on ElringKlinger’s South Carolina Battery Factory.

ElringKlinger Announces New Battery Factory and Hub in South Carolina, Set to Boost US e-Mobility Industry

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