Dartmouth College Fraternity Member’s Death Leads to Investigation into Possible Hazing Incident

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Fraternity Member’s Death at Dartmouth College Sparks Investigation into Potential Hazing

Amidst heart-wrenching grief, questions arise over the untimely death of a 20-year-old Dartmouth College student

In what could only be described as a chilling turn of events, a 20-year-old fraternity member at Dartmouth College, identified as Won Jang, has unexpectedly passed away, sparking a wide-ranging investigation into a potential case of hazing. The young man, last seen on campus by the Connecticut River docks, was reported missing and later found deceased offshore Sunday evening

A Specter of a Hazing Incident

Following the breaking news, the local police said they are exploring the possibility of fraternity hazing being a potential factor in Jang’s unfortunate passing. “There is some evidence of alcohol involved, certainly from witnesses and talking with things like that. Again, that’s all part of our investigation,” said the local Police Chief. He further added that an anonymous email had evoked hazing as a possible factor, something they’re closely looking into.

As a member of the Beta Alpha Omega fraternity, the late Jang attended a riverside gathering organized by his fraternity and a sorority on the fateful night. Friends and witnesses affirmed the presence of alcohol at the event. According to reports, only six months prior, the Beta Alpha Omega fraternity was subject to disciplinary action for undisclosed reasons. However, whether it bears any connection to Jang’s case is yet to be ascertained.

Remembering Won Jang

Known to his peers as an “amazing guy,” Won Jang hailed from Middletown, Delaware, avidly pursuing a major in biomedical engineering. Tributes poured in, reshaping the sorrow-filled narrative with heartfelt remembrances. Speaking to the undeniable vacuum left by Jang’s departure, a close friend said, “I had just been talking to him to make plans to grab a meal sometime.” He remembered Jang as a constant source of positivity, bringing laughter and light to their group.

While statements from both the college and the fraternity are currently pending, the investigation keeps unfolding, with the collective Dartmouth community awaiting answers to the pervasive questions surrounding Jang’s demise. As the echoes of potential hazing take hold, the incident underscores the need for renewed vigilance and strict regulation to safeguard students on university and college campuses.

The Oversight of Fraternity Hazing

Incidents of hazing, especially ​​within fraternity and sorority systems, have been a longstanding source of concern within the higher education community. Boasting of tradition and camaraderie, these practices often twist into harmful initiation rites, extracting a heavy toll on physical and mental health, and in extreme cases, life itself. This incident adds to the growing alarm, stoking conversation about the urgent need for actionable anti-hazing policies and strict oversight of fraternity activities to prevent such tragic instances from recurring.


As this sorrowful episode unfolds, the anticipation of a thorough investigation rises among the Dartmouth community. Amidst the collective grief, the need for urgent introspection, strict scrutiny of fraternity activities, and stronger anti-hazing policies reverberate louder than ever. Today, a promise of a bright future was extinguished prematurely – a stark reminder that such tragedies should never have a place in our institutions of learning.

Dartmouth College Fraternity Member's Death Leads to Investigation into Possible Hazing Incident

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