Columbia Gears Up for Drink Up Week

Drink diversity celebration concept.

Columbia Gears Up for Drink Up Week

In a move to celebrate the thriving beverage industry in Columbia, South Carolina, the city is preparing for an exciting event titled the ‘Drink Up Week’. The festive week is scheduled to run from Monday, July 22, through Friday, July 26, 2024. The aim is to highlight entrepreneurs, mixologists, venues, and a variety of beverages that contribute to the city’s lively drink culture.

Featuring Diverse Drinks

The event intends to cover a wide array of drinks ranging from coffee, tea, and smoothies, to wine, craft beer, as well as unique cocktails and mocktails. The objective is to provide a comprehensive representation of Columbia’s vibrant drink culture.

Inviting Local Beverage Businesses

Local beverage business owners are invited to participate in Drink Up Week by offering special drink deals to the readers. These could range from a 50% discount on margaritas, buy one get one free deal on smoothies, or even a 20% off a beer flight. Business owners interested in participating are encouraged to fill a form by June 28 with the specifics of their deal. The city’s local editors will then incorporate it into an interactive map, displaying all the special offers available during Drink Up Week. No charges are applicable for submitting deals. A selection of these deals will be highlighted in newsletters.

Guaranteed Inclusion For Paid Content

Businesses eager to ensure that their special drink deal is featured can opt to purchase a paid content package. This would guarantee them a spot in the list of highlighted deals in the newsletter.

Reader Engagement

Readers interested in experiencing Columbia’s beverage industry through Drink Up Week will be catered with informative drink-related stories and a compiled list of local drink deals. Suggestions are also sought for local businesses that people would want to see participate in Drink Up Week.

Good News for Columbia

The event stands as a positive development for Columbia, as locals and visitors would be able to enjoy discounted drinks and learn more about the city’s drink culture. The event not only celebrates the city’s diverse drink offerings but it also provides a platform for businesses to showcase and promote their products.

Columbia Gears Up for Drink Up Week

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