Price to Park in Columbia May Soon Increase

City parking fee increase

Price to Park in Columbia May Soon Increase


The city of Columbia could experience an increase in parking prices as soon as January. Spokesperson for the city reported that Columbia Parking Services aims to present parking research to the city council. This research will indicate essential improvements for parking services.

Residents’ Viewpoints

Bob Moore, a resident of Columbia, expressed his concerns on the possible price increase, “I’d not like to see it go up because you want people to come downtown. Making it more expensive is, I think, the wrong way to go.” However, there are other perspectives. Columbia City Councilman Peter Brown claims that the increase is necessary for intelligent growth and that parking plays a major role in it.

Current Rates and Future Implications

Currently the parking cost is 75 cents an hour with a cap of $8 after exceeding the metered time. Brown stated that the focus should be less on meters and more on the infrastructure of city parking garages. In his words, the growth of Columbia in the next 5 to 10 years will be immense. This will demand new parking garages, more parking spaces downtown, and significant renovation.

Garage Rates

The parking garages command a rate of $1 for every half hour for the initial hour and an additional $1 for each subsequent hour. A maximum rate of $10 a day is currently in place. While the new rates for both metered and garage parking are not yet determined, Columbia Parking Services’ research will be taken into consideration for future conversations on potential increases.

Alternative Solutions

Residents have also voiced their concerns suggesting alternative solutions. Moore mentioned that other methods could be employed to cover the costs of repairs and improvements. Brown indicated the necessity of investing in growth, comparing it to other expanding cities. “As Columbia grows, we’re not going to be able to be a city of parking lots anymore. We’re going to have to invest and become like cities that have,” he said.

Next Steps

In an attempt to include the public in this critical decision, the city spokesperson stated that the proposed research will be open for public commentary in city council meetings before being granted approval. If approved, Columbia city could see increased parking prices as soon as January next year.

Price to Park in Columbia May Soon Increase

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