SC State Representative Chris Wooten Addresses St. Andrews Optimists Club as Guest Speaker

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St. Andrews Optimists Host SC State Representative Chris Wooten as Guest Speaker


The St. Andrews Optimists were treated to an eventful gathering on February 2, 2024, when South Carolina State Representative Chris Wooten graced the occasion as their special guest speaker. The much-anticipated session turned out to be an insightful interface with Wooten, the eminently regarded representative of House District 69 that spans the town of Lexington and a significant part of the County.

A Glimpse into the Respected Marine Veteran’s Past

Wooten, who is also a steady Marine veteran, invoked humor as he commented on the Marine Corps’ pervasive conviction that there are no “former Marines”, but only continuous ones. Wooten’s career also boasts a notable stint as a South Carolina State Trooper. He regaled the audience with experiences from his tenure, especially the time when he was part of the Presidential Protection Detail for Presidents Reagan and Bush during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Areas of Importance for 2023

In his presentation, Wooten underscored the significant areas of focus for 2023, which included promoting school choice, championing child safety, and implementing “active shooter” education and preparedness. The significance of the last mentioned is indeed apparent given the current unsettling environment. South Carolina’s comprehensive study of the issue was acknowledged as a groundbreaking initiative.

Legislative Goals for 2024

When casting a gaze at the legislative focus for 2024, Representative Wooten pointed out the banning of gender-changing surgeries for individuals under 18 years of age. He also stressed on reducing access to pornography for the same age group, streamlining business operations to decrease “red tape” obstacles, and pushing for an increase in teachers’ pay.

Concluding Remarks

The engaging discourse culminated with an interactive Q&A session, allowing the members of the Optimist Club to engage more deeply with Representative Wooten. The meeting’s conclusion saw Wooten reciting his personal mission statement, formulated to guide his approach to his political role and his life’s work. A memorable moment during the event saw the Club President, Kerry Powers, presenting Representative Chris Wooten with a copy of the Optimist Creed.

Final Note

This event marked an insightful gathering for the St. Andrews Optimists as they had the opportunity to interact with and learn from Representative Chris Wooten. His perspectives and plans resonated with the audience, highlighting the important elements of education and safety.

SC State Representative Chris Wooten Addresses St. Andrews Optimists Club as Guest Speaker

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